Jennifer C.

Jchun Geek

What phone do you own?

Verizon Apple iPhone 4S baby!!!!!! Best decision I’ve ever made!

What is your favorite mobile accessory?

Too many to name!  But if I had to choose one……I really couldn’t so here’s 2 of my faves!  It would have to be my cassette crystal silicone case because it’s unique and expresses my love for music, and my Universal Metal Mini Speaker w/ USB/ Micro SD/ 3.5mm Ports & FM Radio – Silver because I can’t live without music, it’s perfect for work, and has so many features for a low price!

What is your favorite mobile app?

Instagram: xjenn_n_juicex (follow me!), echofon: xjenn_n_juicex (follow me!), and lastly my SIRIUSXM/POWER106 App for my music!

What makes you a geek?

Geeky because I’m Asian I guess……

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