Gamer Geek: Hey guys, Gamer Geek here with, and welcome to another one of our product review videos. And over here we have the Blackberry Bold 9900 and 9930 silicone skins. And we have different varieties and I’m just showing you a couple of different colors here. But we do have a lot more than this actual lot. We have over — right now, we’re just over 20 and we will have a lot more soon because the Blackberry 9900 is one of the newer phones out there and we will get them soon. Speaking of which, this is a Blackberry Bold 9900 dummy phone. And I will use it to test out these silicone skins. And let’s start off with the regular silicone skins. And I’ll explain to you briefly on what’s the difference between them. If you see, this is a little more flimsy, has that rubber feel to it. I like the grip. While these ones are the crystal silicone. It’s a little bit firmer. It’s kind of like a hybrid in between a hard case and a silicone skin. And these are the argyle design ones, are a literally a combination of both hard case and a silicone skin. I actually prefer this one and I will let you know and just show you how it fits and how you install this. It’s really easy. You just put it on like that. And easy as that. When you drop it, it actually doesn’t fall out. See? And I’ll tell you why I prefer this one. Because silicone skins, I think it is better for drops. Why? Because it has that rubber feel. It feels like a bumper to your phone. Of course, if it drops like face first, it’s probably going to get scratches. But if you have screen protectors, your screens are protected. But for the back and everything else and the side especially, when you drop it, bumpers. These are silicone. It works really well. Now these ones, the crystal silicones, these are like a hybrid in between them so it’s a little bit firmer. You put it on exactly the same way. It has that rubbery grip feel so it won’t fall off your hand that easy. I think this is pretty good as well. I’m not a big fan of the argyle print on the back but it’s whatever your taste. Everything is open, of course, the volume, camera, charger, the headphone jack, and also the power. You can access all your buttons as usual. And the crystal silicone is actually thinner than the regular silicone so if you don’t like that much bulkiness on your phone, you might want to get with this one. And let’s go with the one that I picked. So like I mentioned, this is a combination of a hard case and a silicone skin. The way that you install this is take this one apart first, put the silicone skin over it, and secure it over with this one right here. Oop, I put it upside down. All ports are open, as always. It gives you a little bit more dimension. Speakers are open and also here, also the speakers. Camera port is open with the flash. Buttons are all accessible on the side, charger and headphone jacks. So why do I like this one better? First, it has the best of both worlds. It has a silicone rubber, silicone skin on the side that acts like a bumper. It also has a hard case on the back. So the hard cases, I believe it’s better for scratches more than for drops because hard cases, when you drop it, it usually, because it’s two-piece, it splits into two. But for this one, it’s a silicone skin. It doesn’t split up. And then when you drop it, you hit these silicone ridges over here. I think a combination of both, the best of both worlds perfectly describe these items. The best part, all of these are only $9.99 each. If you find any coupon on Accessory Geeks and all that pertains to silicone cases, you can always use it. This is going to be cheaper than $10, shipped to your house as long as you live within U.S. and Canada. So for protection while making it fun, look unique, silicone skins are not a bad choice that you want to make. Actually it might even be essential to have some type of case that you want to put on your phone because it is an expensive phone and [indiscernible]. You want to make sure that you protect it and last longer so you don’t have to change to a new phone. And think of it as clothing for your phone so you can always change it any time you want. It’s just really cheap. You get like two or three at the same time, change it every time you like it. Again, it is $10 or less because of the coupon codes. If you’re looking for the social media coupon code, 15% off, you can ask one of the Geeks. We’ll gladly help you and give it to you. Again, if you need any help, just call us, contact us. This is Gamer Geek. You got it from a Geek.