Hey guys. Gamer Geek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and welcome to one of our product review videos in front of me I am showcasing the HTC Droid Incredible 2 Hard Back Gummy Silicone Case/Silicone Skin. Let’s just open this really quick. This is actually on sale for $12.99 at AccessoryGeeks.com. Don’t forget that AccessoryGeeks.com have free shipping and we have also coupons flying about everywhere. So look around for those coupons as well so you can get it cheaper than $12.99. My first impression on this particular item, I love this side right here and it has that ridged edge where you know it feels like you are holding into something. The corners are all a little bit kind of more like a rubbery mat kind of feel. This is also you know pretty good for the grip. This part is a little for me, alright because this is just a plastic part, but this is plastic and silicone skin combined. The corners are all silicone skins which is awesome because that is where you drop your phone most. While the back is mainly for you know scratches or things like that. Now let’s put on our dummy phone real quick to see how it fits. I have tested the official HTC silicone skin before and this feels exactly the same way with an extra grip on the side right here becuase the other one is just more of this material. All ports are open like most of our silicone skins. The power actually protected. The headphone jack is open. The volume is also protected right here where you can still access it. Charging port is open, microphone and. I believe that is the speaker, phones or speaker. So I would highly recommend this to anybody that has HTC incredible to the hard back gummy silicone case. It comes in black and clear again for $12.99 free shipping at Accessory Geeks.com. The link is down below. We actually have a lot of different colors with these just look around at AccessoryGeeks.com and search for HTC Droid Incredible 2 silicone skins and you will be taken into the appropriate section. Again, I will just, I love having a case. You need a case for your phone because you want to make sure you protect it. I drop my phone a lot so. The case is always off. This is Gamer Geek. You got it from a geek!