Gamer Geek: Hey guys, Gamer Geek here with, and welcome to another one of our product reviews. And today, I am showcasing you the HTC Droid Incredible 2 Skins. Over here, we have three different kinds; two are similar, one is the regular silicone skin. And to help me do that, I have the Droid Incredible 2 dummy phone. We have a lot of dummy phones at the office because we have to test out every single product to make sure that it works. So this one is the Rubber Silicone Skin. It’s really flimsy. Best part is the softness of it. I actually tried it on earlier before this video. I felt, wow, this actually has a really good feel to it. And since the phone has that whole red and black kind of theme, the red might be a better choice. I kind of like how the color combination works especially with this background. Again, the finish is really, really soft. It’s rubbery so you have that extra drip on your hand when your hands are sweaty or something like that. All the ports are open. For all the silicone skins and hard cases, all ports are open. Volume is still accessible, the charger port, speaker — or microphone, sorry. Flash open, speaker open, and the headsets are open. Even the hearing over here is also open. So overall, these are all what like our silicone cases look like. This is the regular rubbery silicone skin. While the other two are slightly different. You have sort of the same material but if you notice, it’s not as flimsy as the rubber silicone ones. These ones are called the Crystal Silicone Cases or Crystal Silicone Skins. These are more like a hybrid in between the silicone skins and the hard cases. So depending on which monitor, so this one is a little firmer, still easy to put it on. I just have to kind of fit it in there. There you go. There you go. It has that same quality, extra grip. This one actually grips a little bit better than this because this is so soft. And all ports are open, as always. Two different designs, actually. This one swirls like a wood ink, while this one has an argyle. We actually have a lot of different cases, I mean skins available on the HTC Droid Incredible Skins Section. Use the link down below. Overall, the whole purpose of having a silicone skin or a hard case in general is to protect your phone because you made a commitment, you paid a lot of money for the phone. You’re under contract. You want to make sure that the phone lasts for two years. You got to protect it with something. Combine this or one of these. But a screen protector, your phone is fully protected. I mean it won’t survive like a nuclear kind of attack or anything, but if it drops, I actually prefer a silicone skin better than a hard case because silicone skin has that bumper kind of feel. It has that rubber bounce. I actually prefer silicone skin for drops. But for scratches, hard cases I think are a better solution. But silicone skins are on sale. Most of our silicone skins are $9.99 each and up, depending on which models. They are also on sale if you find a coupon anywhere. We always have a coupon running everywhere. And so if you find a coupon anywhere, use it on them, especially if one of the coupons is the social media coupon, 15% off. You can ask one of the Geeks through social media and they will give it to you. Overall, that is my review of Silicone Skin. It is one of the essential things to do, to buy because it protects your phone. Think of it as clothing for your phone or body armor for your phone. So this is the HTC Droid Incredible Skin. This is Gamer Geek. You got it from a Geek.