Hello geeks. Dodger Geek here for AccessoryGeeks.com and today we are doing a product review on our HTC Sensation Screen Protectors. As you can see I’m showcasing three of our HTC Sensation Screen Protectors here today. The first being a premium screen protector for HTC Sensation. The second is the mirror screen protector for the HTC Sensation and the third are the anti-glare screen protectors for the HTC Sensation. You will notice this is a two pack whereas these ones are just singles. So if you have a friend that needs a screen protector for their sensation then you are set and if you use screen protectors quite often and need to then this is a great deal as well, but we will start here with the premium screen protector. This is your typical screen protector for the HTC Sensation as you can see it is a very thin piece of plastic and there are two steps to apply it, the first and the second equally as simple. When you do apply it, before you do it, make sure you use your micro fiber cloth to clean up the screen to make sure there is no dust and dirt and grime left on there so there is no bubbles and then once you are halfway through the installation once you finish step one you are going to want to take your plastic card here and push out all the bubbles so there is no bubbles left on your screen protector and then you peel off number 2 and you are set. The second screen protector is the same thing same application, but this one as you can see is a mirror effect. So you can see my wall and there is a cloth there, but this is great if you; one, like to check yourself out; two, if you don’t like to have just plain screen protector and three or you just like a little color on the screen. It does add a little shine and all the pizzazz to your screen. I know a few other geeks here who love this. They like to make sure that everything is in order on their face when they go out and when they are in a meeting so they will be checking themselves out constantly so it might be a distraction for you, but we do encourage you to get this if you do like to make sure everything is looking hot. It does come with a micro fiber cleaning cloth, but this one does not come with the plastic scraper so what you can use instead is a credit card. The same thing just push the bubbles out after you finish step one and it will be perfect and then the last set is the anti-glare. If you are out on the sun or if you are in a brightly lit room the anti-glare screen protector for the HTC sensation will help you diminish that glare. I know a couple of people who really don’t like that glare when they are out and about and they are always active so it works really well for them and so the same thing two-step application process and again this one comes with micro fiber cleaning cloth and a plastic scraper to scrape out those bubbles. When you are removing these it is quite simple. All you do is just peel the corner and pull it off your phone there is no adhesive left on the phone so your display will be completely intact and scratch free, blemish free and no dings or dents, excuse me on that either. So having a 4.3 inch screen you have a lot of room for scratches and blemishes but with these screen protectors you will be protected that is exactly what they are supposed to do. So we do recommend picking these up another, good recommendation are HTC sensation cases. These two products will keep your phone safe and looking great for many, many months to come until you decide to get your upgrade. So again, this is Dodger Geek. Thank you for watching and you got it from a geek!