Hey guys. Gamer Geek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and welcome to another one of our product review videos. In front of me, I have the Original Body Glove Motorola Droid Bionic snap on case with detachable case stand and belt clip. Body Glove is actually a really known brand within the surfing community. They have been making cases for a long time. I’m going to just open this real quick and show you guys what the case look like. They have been making high quality cell phone cases for a long time and with the development of smart phones they have been making better and better cases. I want to just spread it out real quick right now. That is the back part, that is the front part, and that is the connector for that of the belt clip. I have here the Droid Bionic dummy phone. I will just use it real quick. Just put it on like that. If you want to use the belt clip, use this one. Attach it over there like that and just snap this case on until you hear it click. Well, clicks everywhere and there you have it. This is your case all ports are open. Speaker Microphone, this is a pretty semi-heavy duty case. I like the grip. It has that texture. It is not going to slip by your hand that easy. I think this is one of the material that Body Glove actually trademark. I really love how this feels. It feels a lot better than most silicone skins, but it is also a hard end with that it can actually attach it here. It spins it 360 degrees plus it is also a kick stand like that, that is pretty cool or if you want spin it this way. Whenever you are watching like YouTube or something you can always do that, but there is also an option where if you don’t want to use the— you open this real quick. If you don’t want to use the belt clip and the kick stand you can always just change this with this part. This is a small part with the same material as the back. Tie it to here so the back looks exactly the same as the rest of the whole back. Personally, I think for this particular model that I am testing they could have made this part a little better because I can see that circle but it is just a minor detail. I’m a little bit of a perfectionist so— oh I also like the way that this is made with felt cover, felt is really, really, it works really, really great with cell phone so I think this is a real great case. I would recommend this to anybody that has a Droid Bionic. This is the Body Glove snap on case with detachable kickstand and belt clip. I’m not a big fan of the belt clip I don’t wear my phone on my belt, but with the kickstand this is actually pretty cool and I’m going to want to watch some things having a belt clip doesn’t necessarily mean that you put on the belt all the time so you can put it anywhere. This is for— all of these for $19.99. Body Glove, really well known brand, they have been producing a lot of high quality cases and we have been carrying them since day 1. So that is the review for today, the Motorola Bionic snap on case from Body Glove with detachable kickstand and belt clip. This is Gamer Geek and you got it from a geek!