Hey guys, Gamer Geek here with accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another one of our product review videos. And right now I am showcasing the Motorola Photon silicon skins. And over here you can see three different types. One of them is the regular silicon skin, this is more of a flimsier type; it’s really, really soft and rubbery. The advantage of this one – you can actually – whenever your hand’s wet usually the plastic hard covers are really slippery to hold so these ones actually work better if you drop your phone a lot – it gives you a better grip plus the rubber skins, the silicon skin actually has more drop resistance comparing to the hard cases and these won’t split open because the hard cases are two pieces but this one is only one piece. If you kind of drop your phone in here and then it will fit it perfectly and then when you drop it, it has like rubbery parts so that it acts like a bumper. Also we have the crystal silicon case. We have two different ones actually. One of them is like this – this has a plastic part to it and on the side it has the rubber part to it. I prefer the crystal silicon cases because it’s like the best of both worlds – like this part is hard because hard cases are better for scratches than drops while on the corners, like the bumper side it’s like having a rubber bumper around your phone and for drops and everything so it’s the best of both worlds. I prefer these type, the crystal silicon cases. These ones are the transparent plus matte corners and we also have the argyle crystal silicon cases. You can always check it out at accessorygeeks.com at the link down below. Those are the cases available, the Motorola Photon skins that we have right now. This one is a little bit flimsier but it has that plastic feel. Like over this one when you hold it like this you see the shape of the skin is actually different while this one stays kind of hard. So it is like, if I have to put it from softness to thickness, this is the softest and this is the most firm. Overall I would prefer this one but it’s up to you if you like the design of this one. We have other colors as well so you can just check it out at the link down below, we have a lot of different links. The best part is all of these are only $9.99 each and if you find any of the coupons like right now we have the Halloween special where you can buy one get one 50% off an all silicon cases, you can always just use that, or use the social media coupons which is 15% off – just ask one of the geeks for the coupons and we will definitely give them to you. This is Gamer Geek and you got it from a geek.