Hey guys, Melissa here from Accessory Geeks. What I have today is the Samsung Droid Charge and the Trident Kraken hard case on silicone case with built-in screen protector and holster. So this is a fantastic way to protect your phone and really get good use out of it. So there are a few pieces involved. The first one is this holster which is a really useful thing to have but you don’t have to use it. And then the main part – so like I said it does have a built-in screen protector so it’s anti-scratch, anti-glare clear screen protector to keep your screen from fingerprints, smudges, scratches; it’s also moisture-resistant so it will keep the moisture out but it still has complete touch screen in activity. So the inside is this super cool silicone and it has a drop protection system so the four corners, if you look, have double thick silicone so that really insulates your phone from the crazy bumps and drops you might put it through. And then if you look it has other appropriate little tabs that stick up even further to go through the polycarbonate part of the case so you still have total accessibility to everything. So you slide it into the silicone and even all the buttons at the bottom are raised up so it’s still totally accessible. So then you just kind of fit it in, make sure everything is where it should be, all the ports. They even have these little covers to make sure dust and dirt don’t get in there so it’s a really great idea from Trident. They call it this anti-dust design so the anti-dust design with the silicone covers for access to all the jacks, the switches, sensors, dock connector, all of that. So then once you have that in there – I like to use those little rubber parts that stick up kind of as a little guide of where I’m going to snap the top part into because you once you get that you just kind of line everything up and then you just kind of snap it into place. oops, headphone jack giving me trouble – it’s kind of tricky sometimes but just work with it. All right, there you go, snap, snap, it’s in place. So this phone is superbly protected now – still total accessibility in everything, all the ports, headphone jack, volume, everything. And then, like I said, it comes with the holster so you can just slide it in there and you are ready to rock. This is a great case by Trident – not only does it come in the green and black but it also comes in black. So check it out, it’s $34.99 on accessorygeeks.com where there’s always free shipping and don’t forget that you got it from a geek.