Hey guys, this is Gamer Geek with accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another one of our product reviews. Today I will actually showcase the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 silicon skins. We have two different skins. If you have been shopping at accessorygeeks.com you should know this. We have two different kinds, one of them is the crystal silicon skins right here. It’s kind of like the hybrid between the silicon skins and the hard cases. It’s a little bit harder than the regular silicon skin right here. This ones are just the regular silicon skins with solid colors while this one is the crystal silicon skins with the argyle pattern on it. Unfortunately we don’t have a dummy phone to actually test it out but these are from our vendors and they look really, really awesome. Look at the color of this, the sheen is perfect. In general I would actually prefer the crystal silicon ones because these ones are a little bit too flimsy for me. Yes, these are great because you can actually wash them. The same thing with the crystal silicon but this one kind of has the best of both worlds. It has that rubbery feel that the regular silicon skin has and also a little bit more plastic-y. this is perfect for drops and scratches while these are generally more drops while scratches usually will ruin the rubber really, really fast. If you actually scratch your phone a lot, like you put it in your purse or your pocket with your keys, get the hard case – that will be better. But if you want to get somewhere in between the crystal silicon is the best bet. These are all actually $9.00 shipped within US and Canada of course. Accessory Geeks has been offering free shipping since day one. And if you’ve actually been subscribing to our social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter you can actually get 15% off by asking one of us what’s the coupon code for the week. These are all going to be cheaper than $10 shipped to your house. It beats way going to the mall and buy it there because it’s probably going to cost you $20 there. But these are all the colors that we have for the Argyle crystal silicon skin and the regular silicon skins over here and we will have a lot more soon. We do carry accessories like we would update it daily and for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 it is quite new so we are waiting for our vendors to supply us with better options for you guys. But today this is it, this is the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 silicon skins and you got it from a geek.