Hey guys, Gamer Geek here with another product review video for you guys. And over here we have the universal 3.5 single earbud type headsets with the actual MIC. I’ll open it right now real quick. For those of you who actually still prefer the wired type headset, this is a mono headset, so this is really a good device. I’m actually still using my wired headset. I mean I know everyone’s kind of moving towards the Bluetooth headsets but wired headsets actually have better sound quality. It’s a little hassle to kind of tie it and some people have the cord winder and everything but I still use it because of the sound quality and I think Bluetooth headsets – it’s not a necessity for me because I don’t make phone calls at all in the car and people know that they’re not supposed to call me unless it’s an emergency when I’m driving. They just text me and I don’t read them until I stop. So this has a 3.5-mm jack and this is the actual earbud part and this is the MIC. We tested this already — it is pretty good for a device like this cheap. This is actually $9.99 and if you actually find coupons anywhere on our site or you subscribe to us and you know about the 15% code it’s going to be way cheaper than $9.99. Don’t forget that Accessory Geeks actually has free shipping – combine that with all the coupons it’s a great value. I think I would recommend this item for those of you who like having the wired headset. This is way better sound quality than most Bluetooth. Of course it doesn’t have noise cancellation and all the other stuff but if you don’t talk over the phone that long and you can also listen to music granted that it is one ear. But if you need a headset, wired headset, something simple and your phone takes 3.5 I would highly recommend this. Something that’s $10 with free shipping and those might even arrive at your door within three days – again it depends on where you live because we’re in California, make sure you check that. Well this is my review for the universal headset with 3.5-mm jack and the MIC over here. It actually has the talk button as well. I actually missed that, I’m sorry. So it has that push talk button so you can just end call and accept calls by pressing that. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek.