Hey Guys Julian with accessorygeeks.com. Back with the HTC Thunderbolt. Doing some speed test here. So what we’re doing today is doing a 4G test with the thunderbolt which is running over verizon LTE . And we’re gonna test it against the T-Mobile G2, which is running over T-Mobile HSPA plus network and the Samsung epic 4G. Which running over sprints WiMAX 4G network. So here we have the speed test.net uploaded up on on the phone and we’re gonna run the speed test. And the G2 is on the left,Thunderbolt is on the middle and the epic is on the right. And epic is still finishing up. So we go to the G2 first. As you can see it’s over HSPA, 2.5 Megabytes down, 0,39 up. A thunderbolt has 9.2 megabytes down, 41 up which is incorrect. And the epic got 3.83 down, while getting 0.69 Megabytes up which is really impressive across the board. But the thunderbolt is clearly the winner here. We can random all again. One more time.. As you see we get some fluctuating results. The thunderbolt is getting 13 Megabytes down. The G2 got 2.83 megabytes down.Where the epic got 3.17 Megabytes down. Again all the upload speeds under Wimax except for the thunderbolt which is I said pulling some incorrect data. And here some historical results. Some of the G2 we’ve been getting around to the three Megabytes down. Sorry.. and the thunderbolt even getting some ridiculous result sometimes over 20 but for most part over 10 megabytes down. And now the epic kinda some more to the G2.. to the 3 sometimes are 4 and 5. So I think that speeds speak to itself. The thunderbolt over verizon LTE performs like no other wireless device you’ve seen in terms of download speed. So this concludes are network speed test. Stay tune for some more videos. And always remember that you got it from a geek.