Hey guys, Gamer Geek here with accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another one of our product reviews and today I have the Cellet universal vehicle car adjustable PDA/phone holders with charger sockets. This is obviously in black. Cellet’s actually one of our good friends here. We’ve been working with them for a long time, probably like from the first two years that we’ve been actually in business. So here is it is, I will open it up, actually I already opened it up for you. And this is the holder part, let’s test it out with my T-Mobile G2 phone to see how strong it is. I tried to actually put it on this way, it doesn’t work. You kind of have to tilt it to one side first, pull to the other, kind of push it at the same time. It’s kind of hard because this is really, really strong. It’s a really, really firm grip. I’m actually not holding the phone right now and it won’t come off. This is actually one of the best holders that I’ve seen working here in the industry. This is actually on sale for $19.99, less than $20. It comes with a USB port right there so you can just plug in your iPod data cable or if you have your data cable just plug it here and then plug it to your devices. And also you still have the charging port from the car still available so you’re not left with nothing. This is the other side. One thing that I was slightly – not turned me off completely – but it’s kind of weird. I’ve never seen it this way before because this whole entire thing is actually open. If you can see it all the connectors are all there which is kind of weird for me but it comes with that particular part where it actually covers the whole thing so you know that it is safe. And the way that you install it is actually like this so I actually put this part back when it’s done. You see there’s a hole over there, match it up with that, and slide it in, and just slide it up, there you go, just like that. And then connect this on to the – this is very flexible – a little bit sturdy so it actually holds it into place. So let’s say your car – the connector’s like over here, you connect it there and this will actually stay like that in your car. They also have a separate set of holders. I’m pretty sure this is for – this one has smaller grip than this one. I can’t actually open this because [inaudible 3:19]. But you see how big this is and this is actually smaller so it is for the smaller devices like the iPod Touch for example or if you have the iPhone 4 you might want to use this instead. And this one I believe is for the bigger objects like I have a thicker phone comparing to an iPhone 4 so you might want to use this one. Overall this is a really nice quality product. I would recommend this to actually – I want to actually buy this myself this weekend. This also spins 360 degrees so it doesn’t matter where you install it first. And you can kind of angle it the way you want it. Again I said it is flexible so it’s a very good thing. It’s less than $20 at accessorygeeks.com and if you actually paid attention to our channel, if you subscribed, you can actually claim a 15% off coupon code, just ask one of the geeks for the code. We actually refresh that code every two weeks so you can’t keep taking advantage of us. And it comes with free shipping within US and Canada. And if you actually already purchased this item please help us actually do a review on it. For every review you get five geek points, every approved review is rewarded five geek points. When you actually accumulated at least 25 you can exchange it with free gifts like free screen protectors or gift cards, things like that. I would give this actually four and a half stars, the 0.5 stars missing is actually for that part – I mean it’s not a big deal, it’s covered, but if I am buying this for what function is, it’s perfect. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek.