Hey whats up guys, this is JchunGeeks with Accessorygeeks.com, doing a product review today for SanDisk 8GB Micro SDHC Memory Card with SD Card Adapter. So this comes with the adapter which you probably need for transfer the pictures, videos, songs and all that information from your phone to your PC. This also works for your digital cameras. It has the SD card adapter capability and again this is 8 Gigabytes.

Actually 8 gigs is can hold a lot more than you probably think. We actually have a chart here to give you guys an better idea of that. Should be on the description here.

So as you can guys see here this particular one is the 8 GB SDHC, HC is basically stands for High Capacity. So it holds more than the 1GB, 2GB and i believe 4GB and up is considered as High Capacity. So that’s HC stands for if you guys are wandering.

So let’s see, Music it can hold about 1000 songs + 12000 photos + 21 hours of videos, i guess this is a good size memory. So a lot of Samsung phone comes with a micro sd slots so you can put your music, record your video and photos and i think it’s a good size just because its not too little and not too much. It gives you a cushion so that you don’t have to transfer music too often.

So like when there’s new songs out you`d like to put the new songs in there and rotate the old one out. You can do that and always have enough memory in there. So once you fill up your photos sure you can transfer it but i think 12000 photos would probably takes a few months. Unless you take a lot of photos everyday for your work or on a regular basis which you might want to transfer them sooner. You might reconsider a bigger GB memory card. 8 GB is good for everyday use. Maybe someone who takes more pictures than regular person. Not saying that you are not regular..okay I’m going to stop talking right now but you guys get the idea. It can hold a few photos and video. So i would definitely recommend this item.

If you guys have the older model of laptop models. It might not transfer the data properly which you need a card reader for. So if you insert it to your SD slot there in your laptop and it’s not reading it, you would probably going to need a card reader which we do have.

And also we have the SDHC 8GB memory card with the card reader combo too if you guys ever need it both.

But the newer laptop models are designed to work with the SDHC memory card so you shouldn’t have any problems there, then again, older ones you might not be able to do that. Double check with that.

I guess this is a good item, a good investment. It’s better that getting a 1 GB and not sure if it’s enough for you, 8GB is a safe amount of course 16 or 32 probably would be good, you won’t have to transfer for about 6 months to a year, but if you don’t mind to transfer the data when it fills up, this would probably the one that you`re looking for. It is in the mid range price so i think it’s a good investment, don’t you?

I would love to see what you think about it, you can leave us a review here, so far we have 19 reviews, all 5 stars, so there are 19 peoples that gives this item a 5 star, hopefully it could continue to add that off.

Thanks for tuning in guys, and remember, you got it from a geek.

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