Whattup whattup guys? This is JChunGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I'm going to be doing a product review for the Universal Android Speaker with USB/Micro SD/ 3.5 mm Ports & FM Radio in white.

So how does this little device have all that? Let me show you guys the best that we can. So right here you'll see the USB port so you connect that to your laptop or your wall charger if you have an adapter. And then you connect the other piece, here's the cables that come with it. So one piece is the, will do into the back of the charger here on the left hand side. And the other one will go into your computer or wall charger adapter. And the other cable is a 3.5 mm. Again one end will go into the Android speaker, and the other end will go into your mp3 device if you have an iPod, an iPhone, or your Android phone. You probably have an Android phone if you're getting this Android speaker, now that I think about it.

But yeah, it'll work for anything like that. Mp3 devices, anything like that will work for it. And, what's also neat about this is it has that micro SD card slot. So if you have music on there, you just plug that in and it'll play music from that. And, that's really cool.

How do you turn up the volume? You just, actually just twist the head of the Android speaker of the robot and if you turn it right, it'll increase the volume, turn it left, it'll decrease the volume. So that's really awesome.

It's multifunctional, really small, portable, works as a speaker and kind of like a novelty little item that you can have on your desk. But really cool to have. We do have them available in different colors as well.

If you really like Android, and I know there's a geek over here that really likes Android, he actually has one in green, but yeah, if you like white, if you like Android and if you love music then this is probably what you're looking for here.

And here we have more specs and details here if you guys were wondering about that. But you know what, the volume is surprisingly loud, it gets pretty loud so yeah. That was pretty surprising coming from this little device. It does get pretty loud. It is really good quality. And none of the music is distorted or anything like that. Definitely a good bargain I think and it also works as an FM radio to so, pretty much everything that you need in a radio, a little speaker. It comes in a cool Android look like "This is awesome."

So check it out guys. We haven't gotten any reviews for this one yet so we'd love to know how you guys like it. So let me know. Thanks for tuning in an remember, you got it from a geek.

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