Hey guys, SportsGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com here with an unboxing treat for you today. We have the Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon as you can see on this box. And let's get into it.

So the box is color coordinated. There is a blue Galaxy S III which we have here and there is a white Galaxy S III. Very simple box. It opens. Inside we have the device. We'll get to this a little later. Open this up and instructions, battery, USB cable, power adapter which if you are familiar with old Samsung phones, this is one of their older power adapters. They actually had a cube style which was very similar to Apple power adapters so I have a feeling they switched that out with all the lawsuits and whatnot flying around. And a pair of headphones which are pretty good but they are in white even though this is a blue model.

So moving to the phone, very very thin phone, very large for some people who aren't used to massive 4.8 inch screen phones but at the same time it's not that much bigger than some other super phones. So I have here a Galaxy Nexus, as you can see, the dimensions are very very similar. The height is almost identical, the width of the S III is slightly thinner but overall it's a very comparable package. And of course, this very unique pebble blue is quite attractive I think. It does pick up a lot of finger prints as you can see but it is a very unique color. I don't think there's really any phone or smart phone that has a blue as their main color and you can kind of see on the accent that it's not pure silver but silver with a hint of blue. So we'll shoot some more videos for you guys but I hope you keep an eye out for those so go to our YouTube channel to keep an eye for some new videos.

Again, this is SportsGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com reminding you that you got it from a geek.

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