Here is a product review of just a few iPhone 5 hard cases that we carry. Find all of these and more at!

Want to check out an item that was in the video? Here they are!

iPhone 5 Hard Cover with Aluminum Back – Green

Trident Aegis iPhone 5 Hard Case on Silicone with Screen Protector- Blue

iPhone 5 Rubberized Hard Case – Penguin

iPhone 5 Hard Case over Silicone Case – Football

iPhone 5 Bling Hard Case – Hot Pink/Baby Pink Zebra

Aloha Geeks. DodgerGeek here with and I have some pretty shnazzy iPhone 5 cases to check out with you today.

I wanted to showcase a handful of different hard iphone 5 cases that we carry here at because they can vary quite a bit.

So let’s get started.

Here we have a hard case with aluminum back. As you can se, it has an aluminum back. This is the green one but we have 8 other colors for you to choose from. These cases look remarkable when engraved, so I do suggest you check those out.

Next we have is this Trident Aegis hard cover over silicone that comes with a screen protector. Trident is a great company that provides heavy duty cases at a very reasonable price. They have also broken the heavy duty stereotype that these types of cases need to be bulky and monochromatic. As you can see, they are not afraid of a little color. And we just love that. Great protection and style at a great price.

Moving right along, we have this little guy. It is a very simple two piece hard case. It has a great penguin design and it’s perfect for the holiday season coming up.

This case is absolutely fabulous. This is a bling case. These are some of our best sellers on our site. Each case has been fitted with hundreds of little gems and these sparkle and shine all day long. If you are rough on this case though, the gems will start to fall off eventually but at such great prices, you can pick up another one!

Next we have this two piece case. It’s a hard case over silicone, dual layer, and it has a football on it. This is great for the football season that is now in full swing but who doesn’t love football all year long? The great American past time can be celebrated all year round, not just during the season, like I said. Although I don’t suggest throwing this football around, I do suggest a good beer and 8 layer dip and chips to accompany this case.

Lastly, this is a single piece rubberized hard case for the iphone 5. This particular model is made by rearth. These cases are sleek and do not comprise the thin design of the phone but provide great everyday protection.

So as you can see, there are a bunch of different cases available and this isn’t even our full spread.

To find more hard iPhone 5 cases, check out our site or please feel free to give us a call at 1.866.433.5793 Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm PST or use the links below to get in touch with us.

This has been DodgerGeek with and remember! You got it from A Geek!