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Hey geeks. HotPinkGeek here. What I have today is this Galaxy S3 diary style flip cover.

So what’s great about this case is it’s made of synthetic leather so you don’t have to worry about the harming of any animals and it’s super functional. It’s just a great way to protect your phone. It has this hard shell that really protects your phone but then it has this diary style that closes around and closes with a magnetic closure and stays put.

So it’s super easy to use. You just put your phone and snap it into place. You still have access to volume. You can still listen to your headphones, can charge, do everything you need to while it’s still in the case.

Like I said, it has the magnetic closure so it stays closed but what’s really cool about this is these two lines here, it actually holds the phone so if then you can watch a movie, watch YouTube, do what you need to and can still use the phone. And then when you’re done, just close it right up.

So this is a great, functional, professional looking case. It’s only $14.99 and also comes in a couple other colors so check it out. We always have free shipping and don’t forget that you for it from a geek.