Want to accessorize but you don’t have the cutout on your phone? No worries, we got you. Go check out the Panda Bear Light Up 3.5mm Light Up Headphone Jack Charm today!

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Hey guys, this is Karen from AccessoryGeeks.com and I’m going to be reviewing the panda bear universal light up headset jack and it is this cute little item right here and it does light up. Hold up one second. Here we go.

It is a 3.5mm stopple so it plugs right into your headset jack and it’ll stop lighting up after a few seconds and it comes with a cute little charm on the side. It’s a panda bear so now it has a friend! And it is available on AccessoryGeeks.com and this is the panda bear universal 3.5mm light up headphone jack stopple charm. So make sure to check it out on AccessoryGeeks.com and remember you got it from a geek.