Hey Geeks, this is AnimalprintGeek here with AccessoryGeeks bring you another product review for the universal pen stylus.

This is a universal stylus, so it can work for any of your touch screen phones or touch screen devices, it is come in just silver with black tip to it, so it is pretty seen nothing fancy about it, just like regular standard pen stylus, actually it has a clip on it, so you can clip it to your purse, you can clip it to your data book, you can clip it on your planner, or you can actually with little in piece here you can clip it on your phone, it goes to your audio jack.

Well, it has a black tip. It is very soft and really nice and this will go for any of your touch screen devices. Coloring, I know lots of people do the DrawSomething game, definitely easy for you to do that, or it is easier for your kid to do color on your iPhone, iPad or your touch screen devices.

And it is very sleek, nice, professional looking; even you can take it with you to the club, when you hang out with your friends, or work, while you’re taking care business, you know like sent files or something like that.

This is a stylus that it has a pen clip for easy storage and use. Its made of hard metal and it has a maximum grip, so it is easy to hold on to you and easy to use. Again, it is compatible for any touch screen devices, so definitely want to go ahead and make sure you get one of these styluses to protect your screen from any type of finger prints or anything like that. You don’t want to scratch your screen by mistake, and some people prefer using it because it is easier to use touch screen devices when they have the stylus.

If you have any question regarding the universal penstylus, please do not hesitate do give us a call, you can reach us at 866 433 5793 our customer support line are open Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm pacific central time and there is always free shipping to the U.S and Canada.

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