Body Glove Accessory Review

Body Glove Cell Phone Accessory Review


The rendition that Body Glove provides on its website when describing it’s “Body Glove Technology Accessories”. “On the beach or on the road, technology is everywhere and so is Body Glove. Our tech accessories strike a perfect balance between fit, style, and function to keep you mobile, connected, and ready for anything”. Here is my rendition of what Body Glove means to myself. Body Glove primarily started with two beach loving brothers, who loved ocean activities. As beach wear Body Glove today still humbly kept to its root as an extreme ocean sports sponsor in the market. Even though they have spread into various markets they still stand for quality, durability, and a body fit that beach fashion is all about.  The brothers discovered a great niche, which today the has a worldwide reach even when it comes to their cell phone cases “fits like a glove”, the “Body Glove Way“.

Body Glove Way

Not only has Body Glove influenced water-related sports & activities for the past 50 years, it has also created a niche that has spread into a cultural phenomena. Not only does the name itself represent quality, but it also carries with it a cultural status quo that says that you are athletic, extreme & love outdoor activities. If that is what you are then expressing yourself with Body Glove is probably the thing to do. However, if you are not so sporty or athletic, consider Body Glove because its a durable counterpart to other cell phone accessories, has water resistant properties, and is usually compromised of OEM only products. So whether you like or dislike the “Glove” you cannot escape the fact that the company has been around for a very long time and has achieved a worldwide reach in most continents around the world. Here is the question that everyone asks themselves prior to purchasing something that we all think we need but really its just a luxury that we want. How much is is going to cost me? Is it worth what I paid for? Finally, how is the product enhancing my life in general? These are all things that we all must consider right! So here is reasons why or why not you should get yourself Body Glove accessories?

Why Get One / Why Not

For one, Body Glove is a trusted name and company that will back their products under warranty in every instance, unlike aftermarket products from China and other parts of the world that you have no contact information for nor do you have any warranty that accompanies cell phone accessories. And even if you do somehow have a 1-year warranty, try getting some service from one of these companies and it may be just a waste of time/money. Another aspect of why Body Glove is a good choice for cell phone accessories is because every Body Glove manufactured is considered by most insiders in the market as OEM, so by paying a bit of a higher premium you will get a durable, neoprene type water resistant (to a degree) accessory that’s water sporty and appealing in look. Plus by choosing Body Glove you have not only choose a product to use, but have infused yourself into the Body Glove culture. So whether your carrying a Motorola, LG, Nokia, Nextel, Samsung, Kyocera, Sanyo, or BlackBerry cell phone or MP3′s like iPod, Zune, and Creative you can rest assured that Body Glove and can help with the patented snug-like fit that Body Glove dedicates itself in providing for all your cell phone & MP3 device. So get Body Glove because you can trust the company’s warranty, the product’s durability, and fashionable appeal in the market today.

Hey if you are not into the Body Glove culture in water related beach type of extreme activities then you are half way in reasoning yourself in not getting a Body Glove accessory for your cell phone or MP3 players. It’s ok to to not favor a lifestyle that you feel uncomfortable with. If your lifestyle not the same, there is no reason to jump onto the Body Glove boat immediately is there. However the durability/warranty that accompanies Body Glove products, you just may not like the feel, the texture of the neoprene feel and that’s ok. Or you may just want to get something cheaper and not spend that much for protection for your device. If price is a factor, check out to find additional choices from their 20,000 plus accessories to choose from and I know you will find what you need. So no matter what reason you may give whether you want to purchase or not purchase a Body Glove product, the truth of the matter is that Body Glove is OEM, durable, has a warranty, company backing within the U.S., is appealing to look at, has additional protective properties that accompanies their products and is rather easy to find meaning that the company is valued by other distributors in the U.S. and other parts of the world. With that information given, you can make the value decision for yourself. Good luck!

Body Glove Cell Phone Cases:

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Body Glove Cell Phone Accessory Review