LG MSP-100 Portable Speaker Review

LG MSP-100 Portable Speaker Review

IntroductionWith a multitude of music-enabled MP3 phones in the market today it’s a wonder why no one developed portable speakers to accompany their music phones. LG a “Korean giant” in the market currently has taken steps in developing this authentic lightweight sleek looking portable LG stereo speaker system specifically meant to work cohesively with Verizon’s MP3 enabled music phones.  Though the device has Verizon’s insignia upon its shell the device works with “ALL” music enabled phones and other devices that can be adapted to a 2.5mm prong system. Therefore, for all you folks that cannot adapt their music devices to a 2.5mm prong connection, then this LG MSP-100 Portable Speaker will not work for you currently. However, there is a probability that an adapter will be developed for your particular phone that will enable your non-2.5mm music-enabled phone to fall into the specifications needed to connect with the LG portable stereo speaker. So check back at accessorygeeks.com from time to time to see if there is any change thus far.

What’s In The Box

What’s in the box! In the box what you receive is the LG MSP-100 Portable Speaker, a charging unit to charge the device, and 2 cords; one 2.5 mm to sync the device with cell phones and the other larger 3.5mm 3 pole end stereo cable with larger prongs for larger port connections. You also receive a velvet slip cover to protect the portable speaker and warranty information. In addition you receive a instruction manual and great service from AccessoryGeeks.Com.


The concept for the versatile LG portable stereo speaker is simple. It’s primarily meant to sync with MP3 enabled phones but the device can also cohesively works with your Ipod, your notebook computer, your desktop computer, or any other communications device with 2.5mm connective capabilities. We at accessorygeeks.com tested out the device by connecting it to one of the computers here in the office to listen to some music over the Internet using Yahoo music launch and found that this miniature device, something you can put in your pocket, amazingly produced crisp & clear sound quality without any background noise distortions.

As you take your first look at the LG Verizon Portable Stereo Speaker MSP-100 you will see that the device is almost black with hints of silver, has a rather compact design, which looks like a flip phone and is foldable like a flip phone. The 45 (w) x 87.8 (l) x 20.5 (t) mm stereo device is accompanied by a charger, a non-replaceable rechargeable 500mAh Li-ion battery, 2 audio cables: one to connect to mobile phones and one to connect with other devices, a black velvet Verizon branded pouch, a small user manual in multiple languages and a one year extended warranty.  The exterior of the device has an on/off switch on the side of the device with an on/off LED indicator and a charging status LED indicator located on the flip of the LG portable stereo speaker device itself. Also on the top of the foldable speaker device you will find a charging port and an audio jack port protected with rubber detachable covers for the each port.  As you open the fold and take a look at the interior of the portable device you will be able to see two 36mm blue colored speakers with a sound pressure level of 98 ± 3dB.Instructions For Use & Promotion

Remember to charge the device fully prior to using the LG Portable Stereo Speakers because sound quality may deteriorate due to low battery power and please remember to not over extend use without recharge as explained in the manual because of the same reasons. The only complaint that I had with the device is that it did not have a built in volume-control switch, lever, or button of any kind. Instead you must adjust volume through your audio device.  Also remember that two audio cables that are provided with the device enables the device connect with your mobile phone and other devices. The blue end for both cords connects to the LG Portable Stereo Speaker device, while the gray end connects to either your cellular phone (2.5mm 4 pole end) or other audio devices (3.5mm 3 pole end). In addition please note that when the device is turned on the LED indicator turns “green”, while when the device is charging the charging indicator turn on red until the portable stereo speaker is fully charged.

We at AccessoryGeeks.Com. thought that this versatile LG portable stereo speaker would be great gift to give to someone for the holidays during Christmas or a great gift in general. Especially when its on Sale!CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FOR THIS PRODUCT!

LG MSP-100 Portable Speaker Review