Motorola H350 Bluetooth Review

Motorola H350 Bluetooth Accessory Review

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The introduction of the new H350 facilitates choices for consumers right in time for the Christmas 2006 Holidays. Motorola introduces 3 new colors for its H350 model. Now you have the ability to choose from black, blue and gray. My favorite is ‘black’ because it matches with every color, so its a good color to have to match all your outfits. So whether you like black, blue or gray you can now have the ability to correlate with your daily coordination with your Bluetooth enabled Motorola H350 device. Not only is the Motorola Bluetooth H350 now even easier to pair with a Bluetooth enabled phone and its miniature size enables easy carrying capabilities, but its new sleek look and illuminating blue colored indicator provides a fashionable edge that Motorola emphasizes for all of their devices. Though, with the ever growing popularity of Motorola Bluetooth devices like the new Motorola H350′s in the world today its no wonder that some use methods of counterfeit to offset price and hide quality behind a well-know brand to make a profit for themselves. That is why Motorola has issued a warning to all who counterfeit their products and to the people who is tricked into purchasing a thought-to-be original Motorola product. Please visit the Motorola Anti-Counterfeit site for further information. Therefore, I recommend that opt to choose AccessoryGeeks.Com if you want to get yourself an authentic Motorola H350 for only $49.99 for yourself or loved ones this Holiday season.

What’s In The Box

To better authenticate the product from being a counterfeit, Motorola provides one H350 (Black, Blue, or Gray), a Bluetooth travel charger for charging the device itself, warranty and legal information in multiple languages with information of how to register the product to qualify for warranty for a year and a manual or guide to help you get started. I recommend that you immediately register the product so you can find out if its a counterfeit and help locate counterfeit dealers from spreading. Make your purchase count!


The new versatile Motorola H350 over-the-year Bluetooth Headset can be used on both years and comes standard with a Monaural headphone type.. You just have to detach the soft rubber ear loop from its prongs by simply pulling without putting much pressure on the device itself. So whether you are right-handed or left-handed you will always feel comfortable wearing your Motorola H350. Please refer to the manual for further picture illustrations. Due to this feature Motorola has programmed the H350 Bluetooth Headset to enable you to change the volume button orientation. Now you have the ability to change the orientation of the volume up button to better assist in using the device in multiple ears. Check out the Motorola H350 product manual for further instructions. Aside from the detachable ear loop the Motorola H350 has a bright illuminating blue LED which is not only attractive looking and pleasing to the eye but it also serves as an indicator light, indicating if the device is charging (On, steady), when charging is complete (Off), if power is off (LED Off), when the H350 is pairing (On, steady), when the pairing is successful (10 rapid flashes), when a call connects (Slow pulse) and when the H350 is on standby (Quick flash). Please not that you have the option to disable the indicator. As a purchaser of the new Motorola H350 you will also have the ability to use a built in microphone to voice dial using the call button feature, to end a call, receive a call, reject a call, redial the last call and answer a second incoming call using nothing but a one designated button called the ‘Call Button’. Again please refer to the product manual for further assistance. Your Motorola H350 Bluetooth enabled device, whether black, blue, or gray weighed in at 17 grams (0.63 oz) only, which will allow for further comfortability. In addition the Motorola H350 Bluetooth Headset will provide you up to 7 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby time after charging the headset for at least 2 hours in advance prior to use. Please know that the Motorola H350 has up to 33ft (10 meters) of wireless coverage range for positive connectivity and and features Bluetooth v2.0 technology for enhanced audio performance but is compatible with v1.1, and v1.2 Bluetooth profiles as well. Lastly lets not forget that the new Motorola H350 Bluetooth Headset has a ‘unidirectional microphone’ allowing clear conversations in noisy environments. But bear in mind you will have to deal with a bit of background noise in noisy environments. Motorola has to better perfect this technology, though it did cancel noise in low back-ground noise settings when calling a friend. So don’t expect to cancel much background noise in loud environments. Though background noise may still be a bit of a problem, volume clarity and crispness for the device itself was excellent and not a problem at all.


The new Motorola H350 Bluetooth headset with its introduction of multiple colors is a trend setter for sure. So opt to purchase one for the Holidays. Not only is the price tag very affordable, especially when you visit AccessoryGeeks.Com for their ‘Holiday Bluetooth Specials.’ But with the backing of Motorola, the #1 Bluetooth Headset manufacture in the world today this Bluetooth headset is sure to make plenty of waves and will secure itself to be a very reliable Bluetooth Handset. Please be sure to purchase an authenticated Motorola branded Bluetooth product and not fall into counterfeit deals, because neither Motorola nor any counterfeit retailer will provide you service after the purchase of a counterfeit Motorola Bluetooth product.

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