Motorola H700 Bluetooth Review

Motorola H700 Bluetooth Accessory Review

Motorola H700 Bluetooth Accessory Review  - The Box
Motorola H700 Bluetooth Accessory Review  - Box with H700
Motorola H700 Bluetooth Accessory Review - H700 in Hand
Motorola H700 Bluetooth Accessory Review - H700
Motorola H700 Bluetooth Accessory Review - H700
Motorola H700 Bluetooth Accessory Review - Flip Open Back View
Motorola H700 Bluetooth Accessory Review - Back
Motorola H700 Bluetooth Accessory Review

With the ever-growing infatuation for slim and small devices that somehow becomes thinner and smaller devices in market within a turnover period of 6 months to a year as the world circulates its products into discontinuation, we at thought it was about time we introduced the H700 review. With cell phone manufacturing giants like Motorola and Samsung leading the way with their introductions of cell phones such as the Motorola Razr and the Slvr and the Samsung A900 and T509, Motorola and Samsung is all about making things stylishly compact. Though Samsung is a force to reckon with in the cell phone manufacturing business, Motorola is still the King in the cellular industry. Motorola’s Bluetooth Headsets takes the #1 spot in the market over names like Jabra and Plantronics (producers universal headsets) in a recent new article called: Motorola leads sizzling Bluetooth headset market. With the new Bluetooth buzz that’s now circulating the market, it’s an excellent time to introduce one of Motorola’s newest Bluetooth headsets, the Motorola H700. Although the Motorola H700’s basic design is quite similar to the Motorola HS850‘s, the H700 does have smaller dimensions. At 2.15 x 2.5 x 0.75 inches and weighing an incredibly lightweight 0.2-ounce, and having a range of at least 33ft (10m) makes the H700, when comparing to the HS850, a small, light weight, and versatile device that works wirelessly 30ft away. Because of its size and weight factor the pebble-like Motorola H700 Bluetooth headset won’t engulf your pocket, nor will it feel like a ton. But if you feel like storing the H700 somewhere else instead of your pocket where it can be damaged then look for accessories like Bluetooth pouches that will protect and keep your H700 keeping it looking new. Though the Motorola H700’s gray and silver color scheme is stylishly pleasing to the eyes when worn, the former $100 price tag seemed pretty hefty. However you can easily get it for only $64.99 at places like What will we do without online discount!

Arguably, the best feature on the Motorola H700 Bluetooth headset I believe is its Power-Flip foldable microphone, which provides effortless on/off features that makes the H700 Bluetooth headset stylishly cool and easy to use. As with the HS850, unfolding the boom mic out turns on the H700 Bluetooth headset, while folding it back in turns the H700 off. The reversible ergonomic ear hook on the H700 has a rubberized back designed to cradle the ear, enabling a very secure and comfortable fit. Also, because the earpiece rests against the ear versus inside of it you’ll hardly realize you’re wearing the Motorola H700 Bluetooth headset.
The three buttons on the Motorola H700: (1) The large multifunction button in the middle, (2) volume up and (3) the volume down control buttons are on each side of the H700 itself. The multifunction button on the middle of the H700 was designed to begin and ends calls. The large multifunctional button also doubles as a pairing button, and glows a cool illuminating blue when the Motorola H700 is being used. The buttons on the Motorola H700 are ergonomically designed to provide optimal usability and feel. The buttons on the H700 when pressed seemed smooth giving no hassles, although the volume controls seemed a bit small for larger hands. When need to charge the device look for the charging port on the top of the Motorola H700 Bluetooth headset.

When testing the Motorola H700 Bluetooth enabled device with Bluetooth enabled phones like the Samsung SGH-D357, and the Motorola Razr V3 and were able to pair the Bluetooth enabled devices with the Motorola headset without a single issue. Call quality issues such as volume level gave the impression of being loud and clear. However, the usual crisp and clear quality of sound seemed slightly diminished in noisier background environments, though it wasn’t a significant annoyance, but only a minor incident. Other-end-callers heard us without any problems with clarity of sound and the quality of the volume that was being heard. This alone shows me that the product works as it was designed to work like. But if your carrier provides you horrible signal quality that hinders your H700 then an antenna enhancer can be a lifesaver and save you money from terminating your contract early. Aside from answering, ending, and rejecting calls, the Motorola H700 also supports voice dialing, three-way calling, last-number redialing, call waiting, and especially useful the call hold/mute feature.

The Motorola H700 Bluetooth headset comes with a standard Motorola USB charger, however, if you have an existing Motorola cell phone, you can just use the one charger to power up both your Motorola phone and the Motorola H700. The Motorola H700 Bluetooth headset has a rated talk time of 6 hours and a standby time of five days. If needing more information on Bluetooth Buying please don’t hesitate visiting the Bluetooth Buyers Guide.

Motorola H700 Bluetooth Headset Review