Motorola Bluetooth® Hands-Free Speaker T305 Accessory ReviewMotorola Bluetooth® Hands-Free Speaker T305  Review

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IntroductionThe Motorola Portable Bluetooth® Hands-Free Speaker T305 is just one of many new innovative Bluetooth enabled electronic gadgets appearing in the market today. With so much similarity in the Bluetooth industry its no wonder that some people could get confused about what purpose a certain Bluetooth device was intended for in the first place.  You can basically blame Motorola the world’s largest manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets today. The Motorola Portable Bluetooth® Car Kit T305 comes equipped with intuitive and easy to use features that let you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Not only will you be impressed with the Motorola T305′s ease of use and intuitive features like its noise reduction technology with a powerful 1-watt speaker system, but also with the T305′s new sleek design, its easy accessibility on the car visor, its portability from one vehicle to another and of course Motorola’s backing of all its products.

What’s In The Box

The Motorola T305 Bluetooth® Speaker box comes with the Motorola T305 itself, a mini USB travel charger that accompanies the Motorola T305, the Motorola T305 instructional manual, warranty information, and gas promotional redemption information.  The good thing folks is that the box comes with everything you need to start playing with your brand new Motorola T305. The only snag that accompanies the Motorola T305 is its specification necessities for Bluetooth 2.0 enabled cell phones. So make sure that your phone and the device are compatible prior to purchase. To make a purchase you can search for the new T305 through various vendors in the market. Just make sure that the NEW devices price tag is up to $89.99 and not more. If you paid more than that you just may have paid too much and if you paid something $20 below that price tag, make sure you are not getting a fake. With so make fakes entering the market through E-Bay and other 3rd party vendors today, I would recommend that you check out Motorola counterfeit site for further details so you can make a more viable decision when buying Bluetooth devices this time of the year.


The New and improved Motorola T305 Bluetooth® Speaker has a built-in loud speaker and sophisticated noise reduction technology that provides the volume and clarity needed to converse in the vehicle while on the go. The Motorola T305 is equipped with much needed enhancements over its previous models. As you take a look at the Motorola T305 you will be able to see its new sleek yet stylish design that you can clip onto your visor in your vehicle for easy accessibility when using the device in your car. In addition the Motorola Portable Bluetooth® T305 Speaker has louder audio and is infused with the latest echo and noise reduction technology. Folks, I cannot say that this works perfectly, but it does dramatically reduce background noise in your vehicle, which was a major problem with previous models.  The T305 also has easier to use controls with dedicated buttons for power on/off on top of T305, volume up/down on either sides of the device and the calling button, which is located on the center of the T305. Motorola indicates that there is no installation required — ‘Just clip and go’. For quick installation you can quickly secure your T305 to your car’s sun visor and sync it with any bluetooth enabled cell phone in the market today that is compatible with the Latest Bluetooth® technology — Bluetooth® 2.0. Please make sure that your phone is compatible with Bluetooth 2.0 or the Motorola T305 will not work with your Bluetooth enabled phone properly. The T305 is easy to remove and incredibly portable. You can easily take your T305 from one vehicle to another without much effort on your part.  Designed for optimal use in the vehicle the T305 produces a robust audio experience and with echo and noise reduction technology that minimizes background noise dramatically.  With an efficient 1-watt speaker the Motorola T305 delivers a clear audio experience with full duplex capabilities, which allows you to talk over each other and still hear each other – in much the same way face-to-face conversations work. With a full charge you can maximize conversations with your friends and family and have up to 14 hours talk-time or 200 hours standby-time from that single charge. The Motorola T305 comes equipped with the latest Bluetooth® technology — Bluetooth® 2.0, which offers better call quality, less interference and faster connections than previous standards. In addition with your purchase you get a free Gas offer that is valid only with the purchase of a Motorola Bluetooth® Hands-Free Speaker T305 purchased between November 1, 2006 and January 15, 2007. To receive your Gift, you must mail the Gift with Purchase Form (in box) with the required supporting Proof of Purchase to the address provided. Gift with Purchase Form requests must be postmarked on or before February 15, 2007 and received by February 28, 2007. Remember that this offer good only in the U.S. only.


Overall the Motorola T305 Bluetooth® Speaker has a more appeasing look to the eye. It can work with any Bluetooth enable cell phone in the market compatible with Bluetooth 2.0, comes with a more powerful 1-watt speaker system, can securely fit on the visor of any automobile, has the current noise reduction technology, comes with easy to use volume, talk & power off/on button features and is ready to use out of the box. But because its brand new T305 has not been widely tested in all situations so keep that in mind when purchasing the device.  But overall I would give the Motorola T305 a above average grade. The Motorola T305 has everything a speaker system needs to operate efficiently and effectively in a in-car situation. But again please make sure that your cell phone is compatible with the T305, that you don’t overspend for the device, that you watch out for counterfeiters and that you only buy from Motorola licensed or authorized vendors/dealers in the market today. Thereby if interested check-out for authentic & licensed Motorola Bluetooth and other Bluetooth products.

Motorola T305 Bluetooth Speaker Review