Hey Geeks, this is AnimalPrintGeek with AccessoryGeeks, bringing you another product review for the Original DCI AT&T/ Verizon iPhone 4, iPhone 4S Flash Rubberized Hard Case, with the Red Hello Name Tag.

This is to fit your iPhone 4, iPhone 4s phones. It is a case that actually covers the back portion of your phone and your sides. It says “Hello, My name is..”, definitely a fun case to go ahead and use. Go ahead and add your own little spit to it, like “Hello, My name is…” and make up a name. definitely a fun, people will constantly asked you like did you put a sticker on there or is it with the case.

This is actually made fit for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S model phones. It is custom cut so it has access to all of your button and ports, its slim designed so it doesn’t leave your phone look bulky. Its lightweight in strong ABS plastic and its durable, it prevent against scratches and damages to your phone. It has simple installation, no tools required. It has rubberized matte coating that gives you a non slip surfaces.

So it is a nice case, it does have the rubberized feel to it so it’s not soft jelly case where it might drop or if your phone`s fall it would break In anyway shape or form. Definitely don’t recommended to drop your phone but it keeps it pretty very well protected.

As you see here the screen is still open so you definitely want to be careful, but it has access so you can use your camera, use your volume buttons, your screen lock buttons, your power on and power off.

Definitely recommended for anybody that want to express who they are and have a good time and get a good laugh, couple of laugh at they`re case.
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