With the influx an abundant number of carriers hitting the market promoting their strengths, leaning their marketing intentions towards building a viable network seems way too much information for a regular Joe just trying to buy a phone for personal use. So with the carrier’s best intentions in mind, I would like to introduce the brand new PowerMax 4KPR-15P Digital Antenna. With the growing need to serve an even wider market within the U.S. only.  U.S. based carriers are incrementally trying to better their network bidding on available towers at an extraordinary price tag. Well let the games begin. However, for the rest of us awaiting the aftermath, can opt to pick ourselves up some additional power and max out their cell signal opportunities with this viable alternative, the PowerMax 4KPR-15R Digital Antenna.

What’s In The Box

What’s in the box! Yes you do get every item that you need to get started unlike some Wilson Electronics antennas. The PowerMax Digital Antenna 4KPR-15R box come equipped with a 3 watt dual band 50dB gain cellular repeater unit with built in 9dB gain antenna (# DA4000PR). Also included is a 9dB gain directional window antenna (# 426-PW), a window mount for 426-PW antenna (#dm426), a 15′ low loss coaxial cable (50 ohm) with attached connectors (# 240-15NM) and a 110 VAC power supply (#DP255). Also included in the box is a small installation instructions manual provided to you for easy directions enabling for optimized installation prior to use.


The PowerMax 4KPR-15R Digital Antenna system operates with all North American cell carriers’ voice and data networks. In addition the PowerMax 4KPR-15 Digital Antenna will work with dual banded frequencies, which means that it will work with both GSM & CDMA 850 and 1900 MHz. However, the PowerMax 4KPR-15R Digital Antenna will not work with iDEN, Nextel or Mike network frequencies.  According to PowerMax, cell carriers praise the PowerMax’s’ personal repeater’s intelligent power management and dynamic variable gain control which provides the most ‘tower friendly’ power regulated system in the industry. I would agree with the phrase ‘tower friendly’. The tower (DA4000PR) within the PowerMax box  is rather ‘user friendly’, needing no tools for installation, plus the device itself is light and moveable wherever needed. This feature alone makes this device very versatile, especially when the PowerMax 4KPR-15R Digital Antenna is actually effective in maximizing signal strength in low-bar clustered areas. I especially appreciated the wireless aspects with the PowerMax 4KPR-15R. Your cell phone does not have to connect directly into the device, instead you can roam around the vicinity of the device wirelessly up to 500 square feet of the PowerMax 4KPR-15R itself. Another note I forgot to mention above is a fact. During installation of the PowerMax 4KPR-15R, please DO NOT place the DA4000PR repeater antenna unit directly below the 426-PW window antenna. If you do accidentally make this mistake then this ‘may cause wave interference‘ due to close proximity of the repeater and antenna. So it is recommended that you have a separation between the two devices up to 8′ to 10′ from each other. Please refer to the installation instructions for further detailed instructions. To mount the window antenna you must first secure the suction cup attached window antenna mount or holder securely on a window, within a vicinity where you can actually make a call. Remember that if you cannot make or receive a call, meaning that you don’t have at least 1 or 2 bars directly facilitates the need for you to find another window to install the device within the house, building or dorm you are in. If you have only one window and you still cannot get at least one bar, then you are just out of luck Jack, sorry.  And finally remember to face the repeater antenna (DA400PR) towards the room to cover your desired enhanced area that you feel secure to make calls daily. In addition try not bending the cord in sharp angles getting from the repeater to the window antenna. This may cause some problems with efficiency so try to have at least a 1” bend when using the 15′ coaxial cable (240-15NM).


The PowerMax 4KPR-15R Digital Antenna is in response for increased direct competition from companies like Call-Capture & Wilson Electronics an American Made trusted brand that has secured an image in the North American market for many years now. However, with this direct competition I believe it will only make new technology better and more user friendly with years to come. The PowerMax not only works, but is a reliable device that will surely make your calling experience more pleasurable.