Hey what’s up guys? This is JChunGeek with AccessoryGeek.com and today I will be doing a product review for the Premium Apple iPhone 3Gs/3G High Quality Screen Protector 2 Pack.

Normally a screen protector usually just comes with one screen protector, this particular one comes with two, so if have someone in your family, someone else who has an iPhone 3Gs, maybe you have the 3G and someone else has the 3Gs, both the same size screen so it would accommodate both, or maybe you just want one as a backup, something like that, the two pack is always good to have, and the price is even better, this is probably one of the cheapest bestselling price that we have currently, and also one of the best bargain that you’ll find have online, so definitely recommend this item, again this is compatible for the Apple iPhone 3Gs and also for the Apple iPhone 3G, again they’re both on the same size screen, so there`s that.

And of course you want to keep your screen protected from scratches and things like that and this item will definitely do that and help you with that, so if you’re keep your phone on the purse, where you have sharp objects, like pens and keys, and things like that, it will definitely getting your screen protected from scratches, and it’s much of cheaper than spending hundreds of dollars to replace a crack screen, so this is a very good investment on that, and it is easy to install and apply, you may need some patience in try to squeeze all the bubbles, but what’s top of it that you probably don’t have to buy another for a quite some time, it is a high quality so probably you won’t have to replace it until your entirely screen protector scratch or anything like that, but other than that I personally had a few screen protectors myself, probably will have to buy one like, once every six months or something like that, really good investment, and you don’t have to worry about, when you remove it, there is going to be a sticky residue or anything like that, no, there is not any type of residue that going to left behind, it just remove clear, clean and without any residue, so don’t have to worry about that, we do also have an instructional video, on how to apply this screen protector and how it works, so subscribe on the Youtube channel if you haven’t already, as you can see here it’s AccessoryGeeks on Youtube, we have more instructional video to help you guys out, like applying the screen protector, how to remove the cases something like that, as you can see here it has all the cut out for the ear, where you hear from, and also the home button they`re all open and not obstructed.

Again really good price, really good quality, we even have free shipping, so again really good investment for you guys, so take advantage of it, take advantage of it today, let me know what you guys think, thanks for tuning in, and remember you got it from a Geek.

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