Are you tired of manufacturers claiming that their products do the job as they were intended too? Do you need a reliable yet relevant amplifier that works to better your life not complicate it? Then look for a Wilson Electronic product and you will never have bad reception again! Wilson Electronics has been a leader in the wireless communications industry for nearly 40 years.  With expertise in RF antenna and amplifier research and development, the experienced Wilson Electronics engineering team uses a state-of-the-art testing laboratory to fine tune antenna designs and performance. Wilson has product dealers in all 50 states as well as Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. So service after the sale will not be a problem to acquire when dealing with a company such as Wilson Electronics. There business strategy is quite simple. Build solid relationships and credibility with authorized only product dealers, distributors, vendors and customers by providing them with quality engineered amplifiers and antennas that are American made, actually has been tested and proven to work. Wilson Electronics don’t just claim we’re the best. They prove it by publishing their test results publicly! So if you are experiencing bad reception, then look to get a Wilson antenna or amplifier to improve your wireless communication issues today.

What’s In The Box

In the packaging you will discover a SignalBoost Amplifier accompanied with a 6-feet extension cable that attaches from the amplifier to the antenna (antenna not provided in package – sold separately), a 12 V DC plug-in in-vehicle power supply, and a universal connector that enables the amplifier signal quality on cell phones and laptop data cards.  Also included in the box is a small Velcro strip, a small plastic tool,1-Year Warranty information and the manual. Unfortunately Wilson Electronics does not provide a antenna within the package. The antenna is required for this device to work so look to get an antenna if you choose to purchase this Wilson Electronic product. Good places to look, if interested in this Wilson Dual-Banded SignalBoost Cellular/PCS Amplifier are with distributors that offer bundle packages that include the antenna with the amplifier.  Check out for amplifier bundle offers like:  Wilson Electronics Amp and Glass Mount Antenna Package, 811210 + 301102. Wilson Electronics Amp and Magnetic Mount Antenna Package, 811210 + 301103, Wilson Electronics Amp and Mini Mount Antenna Package, 811210 + 301113, Wilson Electronics Amp and Trucker Mount Antenna Package, 811210 + 301101, Wilson Electronics Amp and Yagi Antenna Package, 811210 + 301111. In addition to these antenna bundles you can also opt to get a soft carrying case, a window bracket, or AC/DC plug-in power supply / AC/DC Converter (home/office). So keep it in mind that you will have to purchase a antenna with this amplifier in order for this amplifier to work properly.


The Wilson Dual-Banded SignalBoost Cellular/PCS Amplifier works with all generations of CDMA, TDMA, and GSM networks. This means that whether you are a Verizon or Sprint carrier customer using CDMA frequencies between 800 – 900 MHz or a Cingular or T-Mobile carrier customer using GSM frequencies between 1800 – 1900 MHz you will be able to connect successfully with this amplifier due to it being dual-banded. That is why I would recommend that when looking to purchase a amp or antenna try looking for dual-banded features. Also make sure that your cellular/PCS cell phones and laptop data cards frequencies are not iDEN, Nextel compatible because this and most other amplifiers will not work properly under these frequency standards. Not only will you be able to use the Wilson Dual-Banded SignalBoost Cellular/PCS Amplifier with any cell phone in the market today (except Nextel or iDEN), you get up to 10 time more receptive power.  This additional power boost increases data communication rates needed for 3G technologies, extends your battery life, reduces disconnects/drop call ratio by improving your cellular coverage for voice and data calls and helps you receive and transmit signals better than your cell phone ever could. The Wilson Dual-Banded SignalBoost Cellular/PCS Amplifier’s performance is awesome whether in mobile conditions in your car, marine conditions on a boat, and/or in-building applications and is very easy to install and uninstall in minutes. This easy install feature enables this amplifier to become very mobile. Therefore, giving its customers a wide array of choices and the backing for the Wilson name. I recommend that you read the provided Wilson Dual-Banded SignalBoost Cellular/PCS Amplifier installation instructions very carefully. Proper installation is needed to provided optimal use out of this Wilson Dual-Banded SignalBoost Cellular/PCS Amplifier. Take time to look at the universal connector. It comes with a Velcro attachment that enables you to attach the Velcro connector to any cellular phone or laptop data card using a small Velcro attachment provided in the box. This makes the Wilson Dual-Banded SignalBoost Cellular/PCS Amplifier very versatile and mobile.

If looking to find the Wilson Dual-Banded SignalBoost Cellular/PCS Amplifier, try searching under its part number 811210. The frequencies that are compatible with the he Wilson Dual-Banded SignalBoost Cellular/PCS Amplifier are 824-894 MHz / 1850-1990 MHz making this amplifier dual-banded. The maximum power-output is 3 watts and the he Wilson Dual-Banded SignalBoost Cellular/PCS Amplifier requires a 12v DC, 2A component for power. The connectors on this amplifier are FME-Male 50ohms and the dimensions of the he Wilson Dual-Banded SignalBoost Cellular/PCS Amplifier are 5 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches or 12.7 x 8.9 x 3 centimeters. What I really love about this amplifier when carrying it around is its weight which is only 1.03lbs / 0.468 kg. Carrying the device to installing it was a breeze. But what most relevant is that this Amplifier actually raised my reception and re-confirmed my faith in Wilson Electronics once again.


The Wilson Dual-Banded SignalBoost Cellular/PCS Amplifier overall is a wonderful product with plenty of features and functions that makes communication much more effective. It improves signal strength by 10 times , is dual-banded and has a universal connector that enables you to connect to any cellular phone or laptop data card in the market today other than iDEN frequencies or Nextel type of cellular devices. The only issues I see with this device is that you have to buy a antenna with the Wilson Dual-Banded SignalBoost Cellular/PCS Amplifier in order for it to work and that you will not have a wireless connection using this amp. Instead you are restricted to a limit that the universal connector cord allows. Other than that I guarantee that you will enjoy this amplifier and that it will enhance your daily communication necessities accordingly to your lifestyle.

Wilson SignalBoost Dual-Banded Amplifier Accessory Review