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Howdy Geeks. DodgerGeek here again with and today I will be reviewing the 3 feet Universal Stand.

This is a pretty awesome stand, which is why I am sharing it with you today so let me highlight the key features for you now.

We’ll start off with its compact design. When folded up, this is a little less than an inch thick. It weighs in at only .18 ounces. And to put that in perspective, my iPhone 4S weighs in at about .34 ounces, so the 3 feet stand is pretty darn light. This compact lightweight design makes this stand perfect for traveling and business trips and with no metal in this product, it’s not going to set off the dreaded x-ray machines at airport security check points.

This stand has 3 different viewing angles that can be set and reset in a snap. So depending on what your preference is, you can adjust to the right setting. This stand has a couple of defining features that I would like to point out.

This stand has a snap and lock system. This prevents the stand from moving while your device is on there. I’m sure we all appreciate that the stand won’t collapse, no? Well, also, it as these rubber band looking pieces. And yes, they are basically rubber bands. But they are pretty useful. These rubber bands prevent the stand from moving around on the bottom here, and also it prevents your device from slipping off the stand.

There is a front support system that your device will rest on and will use to hold it up. This folds in when not in use.

I personally like this stand because it can hold my iPhone and iPad. Not at the same time obviously, but it is strong enough to hold up my iPad. I have used this on the plane and while studying at local coffee shops the most.

So, no matter what device you have, the 3 feet stand can probably accommodate it. It can also withstand a lot of damage. This stand has been run over with a full size car and was able to be put back together and work. This company intentionally made these stands out of extremely durable plastic that can withstand rigorous amounts of stress so that it will last. The stand may snap out of place but you can always put it back together quite easily.

If you have any questions regarding this awesome stand, please feel free to reach out to us at 1.866.433.5793 Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm PST or use the links below. Thanks for watching and remember! You got it from A Geek!