Hey everybody this is jaychangeeks from accessorygeeks.com. today im going to do on a product review on the apple ipad 2 hard case black zebra on grey, so this is for all my animal print lovers out there, all my jersey short fans, all my Snookie fans, everybody who like zebra prints, this will be perfect for you
Yeah I like that you can express your personality through cases nowadays, so we have case on different designs and patterns as you can see here we have some of the different designs on zebra colors, rainbow zebra, regular black and white zebra, this particular one is black zebra on gray.
I personally like this one because it has silver on it, I like silver a lot, so I choose this case to do a review on this one.
But this particular case is going to be a 2 piece case, can’t really tell from the picture here, its 2 separate pieces that you just snap on together, you don’t need any tools to do this, it’s just a two piece, snap it on and your good to go.
I like this case because it’s thin so it didn’t add bulk to, and I wanted to warn you that it would be a bit tough to take on and off the iPad If you ever need to. I don’t see any reason for you to remove it, but other than you wanted to change it to another pattern case, in that case I would recommend you a pry tool so it`ll be easier to take off the case from your apple iPad 2. If you want the pry tools, just enter that on the search and the pry tools should come up. we do have different, couple, several ones but they should just work the same.
So as you can see here, click on a different pictures and use the zoom key to see it better and a clear picture of it. So you see the speaker is not obstructed, the charging port is not obstructed so you`ll still can charge your ipad and listen music, plug in your head phones, adjusting your volume use the front facing camera.
Purely for just a protection of a case and to express your wild side and yeah I like this case a lot, its kinda smooth on the back, kinda glossy to it, im sure you`ll get a lot of compliment to this case.
Must warn you guys that this doesn’t comes with a screen protectors, so you want to purchased it separately, we do have them also on stock so you might want to check those out too.
Also the most questions we have is, will this fit to an ipad, the new ipad or the ipad 3. And so the answer for that is no, its not gonna fit, plus the case will not fit the new ipad, the new ipad Is slightly bigger so it its not going to snap on it to the new ipad . will fit to the ipad 2, will not fit for the apple ipad 1, either. Must warn you on that as well.
Well I just like this particular case, we could switch it off to different cases, a lot of people tend to buy several cases for the ipad 2, you know you can showed it off in class or wherever you go, i`m sure you`ll get compliments. A lot of customer that say they do get compliments and they do like it just for a personal use to express it up a little bit not just stick to the regular black or white ipad that they have. So always low price, always free shipping. So check it out on accessorygeeks.com and remember you got it from a geek.

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