Hey Geeks, this is AnimalprintGeek here with AccessoryGeeks bringing you another product review for the Apple iPhone iPod USB Data Cable in hot Pink.
This will actually connect to the bottom of your iPhone or iPod, this is actually a data cable so you can sync with this item, you can go ahead and data transfer files of your music and why not to your iPhone or iPod. It Enables seamless connective between a USB-compatible PC and your Apple iPhone 3G 3GS and iPods. Enable data transfer and synchronization. Supports USB 2.0 standard and maximum data transfer speeds.
Apple iPod Retractable USB cable makes it easy to keep your cables organized. It is Hot pink so it helps a lot. Keeps it separated from the other data cables wether that’s standard black or this gentle white. You can go ahead add your music or you can go charge your iPhone 3G, iPod, Compact design makes it easy to travel with. Down to your purse, backpack, briefcase something of thatnature, Also helps you charge your items. This item comes in hot pink, as well as other colors we do have it on turqiose and purple.. And we do have standar in black and white as well.
I would recommend this to anyone who a bunch of different cables, its great to have a different colors one so you can remember where the cable is, easy to find, easy to remember and grab it. If you have any question about the Apple iPhone/iPod USB Data Cable in hot Pink. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, you could reach us at 866-433-5793 or customer support line are open from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4 pm PST. And there`s always free shipping to the US and Canada.

Thanks for watching this has been AnimalPrintGeek and remember you got it from a geek.

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