Hey what’s up guys this is jchun Geek from AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m gonna be telling you about the ipod usb data cable in hot pink, so this is kinda like the standard data cable that comes with your apple devices, it just in the different color, if you wanna spice it up ,if you wanna differentiate your data cable from maybe your brother or sisters, or maybe you just have like pink, I mean I had costumer comments and demanded everything that she want showed everything to be hot pink or some shade of pink.
So if you turning in and you have an iphone umm we have this item for you and let see this is gonna do basically everything that the original data cable does its gonna allow you to transfer, data sync your phone or your device to your i-tunes, it’s compact in size so it’s easy to take around if you travel a lot, or maybe you just want extra data cable, one for your home or one for your office. Again if you travel you can take this with you, it’s also gonna work for the adaptor, the apple device come with, the little square cube umm you can easy put in there.
And I like this because umm they’re mention it in another video but this connector you see here it’s just has the same of thickness as the original data cable and allow all the aftermarket it once, aftermarket basically means that’s its made by 3rd party manufacture, they make that the this portion is connector a little bit thicker than the original one. so sometimes it would get in the way off or sometimes you be have a case on your phone that would get in the way of the chargers so the chargers actually gonna work so this one is the same thickness as the original one, so it’s should work weather you have a case or not, so if you don’t want to be hasle moving your case everytime and you want to charge the phone this is gonna be a perfect product for you. lets scroll down and you can see closer picture of it one end as USB other is gonna be for your apple device, again of course its not gonna work for the older apple ipod shuffle because it has different connector. but it will work for your apple iphone, iphone 3g, 3gs,iphone 4,4s,and even for the first iphone, along with the ipod touches, the newer ipod nanos, so yeah if you really like pink you know we do have many different colors, if you like blue we had it in blue, or the touchy color kinda like turquoise, or purple we had those available too, if you wanna just step by here not a boring person who wanna surprise up, you know your data cable or just add a splash of color, again get the side on it its really low in prices, its gonna be just as good as the original data cable,
Got some video here for you under the instructions ,got some extra descriptions here if you wanna read in to it, again and its just basically re-stating what I have already told you guys but if you wanna just read, if you like to read and we got some good costumer review on this particular part of this one,
So check it out guys ,I promise it`ll be worth it,remember you got it from a geek!

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