Hey whats up guys this is Jchun Geek from Accessorygeeks.com and today I’m gonna talk about Apple iPhone iPod USB Data Cable in Turqouis. As you can see here you may see many data cables in different colors. Apple only provide them in the white color, so if you, you know looking for something different or you need some extra data cable that you wanna made it fun and put some colors in your life. This will be the perfect product for you so we do have them available in turquoise, pink and purple so if you guys interested in other colors, feels free to do that or you wanna differentiate your data cable from someone elses, maybe your brother, sisters or co-workers, this should be perfect for you.
Lets see, so this is gonna work for any of the Apple products, that’s include the Apple iPhones, all generations, and also iPod, ipod nanos, ipod touch, maybe not the shuffle, coz the shuffle is older so it doesn’t have this connector.
But for everything else, it should work, I love apple for that, cause they make it pretty easy for you to just use 1 item for all of their devices or most of them.
So this device, this item will allow you to sync data from your device, your iPhone, your iPod to your iTunes and its portable you can take it anywhere you want, its easy to carry around, you travel a lot and you need an extra data cable, one for office and one for home. Of course you can also use this for adapter that the iPhone comes with or the Apple items comes with and that will be compatible as well.
This is just a pretty neat item, I really like this and if you go down to instructions you`ll see a video done by Maxine here.
And one thing that I want to mention about this product is that a lot of other or some of the aftermarket chargers, this part here, this portion is made a little bit thicker and it wont fit for if you have a case on your iPhone or a case on your iPod touch, maybe some of you had already experienced some of the aftermarket chargers wont fit because this part is too big and the case is kinda blocked off the charging port. But this one I like it because its just as thin as the OEM data cable, so it should fit regarding if you have a case on your phone or not, so a perfect item for that if you want to keep your case protected, you don’t want to take it on and off all the time, its just the charger to sync your data. This should be perfect for you.
So go check it out, always low price and remember, you got it from a geek.

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