Hey everybody Marvelgeek here of course with AccessoryGeeks.com, this time we are going to talk about the AccessoryGeeks EVO 4G Hard Back Cover Over Crystal Silicone Case.
It provides dual layer protection of course the black part there you can see is a plastic case, the pink one side is a crystal silicone case. It’s kind a like hybrid between plastic and silicone
You can still bend it a little bit it doesn’t stretch really like silicone does but it still has it shock absorbancy and it’s like a thick kind of silicone.
It is definitely for you that like the in-between feel and everything, I prefer the crystal silicone or regular silicone and of course since it has funny edges it is for you when you hold on to phone it’s hard to slip from your hands. It has the ridges and everything, really great product.
It didn’t come with the screen protector keep that in mind, we do have screen protectors available in our website.
With this kind of case, you know with all the opening side, you got the camera ,you got the kick stand and of course the top and bottom part for your headphones and all of that stuffs.
It all open and ready to use, well its kinda cool, black and pink. But I personaly prefer black and blue, but hey, someone out there loves black and pink and I know you like it too.
So that’s pretty much of it, you can hold on the geeks
At 866-433-5793, once again my name is Marvelgeek hanging out with you here with Accessory Geeks
And remember, you got it from A Geek!

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