Hey everybody marvel geek here off course with accessorygeeks.com, this time we are take a look at a click simple case for you guys, a Samsung galaxy note that big phone that is also a tablet, a little too big for my taste but umm, people do enjoy it so let’s see here.
Again it’s a hard case in clear, pretty simple it is just a plastic case to protect the phone it is completely clear, trying to get you get look at the picture here, it does have port open fort the bottom there specially for the stylus, the speaker and the charging port there, buttons and cameras always open like that as you can see there. It’s a simple case very protective, it doesn’t go with the screen protector, you have to get that separately, but if you like the way the note looks but you want to cover it up, you know you like the white finish, the simple in the back. I am very simple I do like those things on my phone and stuff. This is a good call if you just wanted a clear and simple, you don’t want any color and kind like that. A lot of people go with this. The kind of clear case there for their phone.
It’s important to get what you want I understand and that is why the clear is there cause we make it simple here in Accessorygeeks as well being complicated, cause we are geeks after all
And it is simple aspect and it’s for the Samsung galaxy note so keep that in mind when purchasing it but this is a great case for those of you that wants to keep it simple.
So it’s pretty much there,
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