Hey whats up geeks this is Jchun Geeks from AccessoryGeeks.com and today we gonna be doing review on HTC EVO 4G hard Back Cover Crystal Silicone Case – Black Blue, so as you can see here we have this new zoom in feature so you can see all the little details that you might wanna see on the case, you can see the texture on the side everything is marked clear.
What’s a crystal silicone case you asked? this term is pretty new and not a lot of people are familiar with it but let me show you guys. The blue part of the case is actually the crystal silicone part and its kinda like a crystal silicone case, its kinda flexible. It doesn’t give much as the silicone case, regular silicone case so wont be able to mold it around your hand as you would on a silicone case. But the crystal silicone it’s a more firm case, its gonna fit your phone more snug. And the second layer is the hard back plastic case and its gonna go over the crystal silicone case so youre gonna get a double protection, a dual layer protection. This is pretty cool. You can see here its protected all around so if you wanna charge the phone it`ll be well protected, prevent all the scratches and abrations from dropping that on the floor. You`ll see the cutout is still available so you can access your headphone jack, ypour kick stand its still functional, camera cut out is still there so you can still take picture, so no worries there, charging port you`ll see here, we still have access to your charging port.
And this case is actually one of our popular case for the HTC EVO 4G, its also comes in pink and black here for the ladies, green and black as well if you like green, so this particular case doesn’t comes with screen protectors so we do have a different options available that you can click here to see or type here HTC EVO 4G Screen protectors then search so it will come up for you.
You can see under compatibility that which is phone models its compatible for, which in this case will be the HTC Evo 4G.
This is a unique case, I personally prefer this case than doesn’t match which is bulk to you phone.
if you have any problems with slippery case, kinda slips out of your hand, this one perfect for you.
As we can see its protection in sides so it provide better grip so I really like for that fact.
What else? Screen doesn’t come with screen protectors, you need to remove… so this case is actually not a 2 piece plastic case that you normally snap on like the other cases that we do have, so this is definitely used for if you want to to change the battery or you wanna change it for another cases, this is perfect for that
So its all a low low price, you can always find this on AccessoryGeeks.com, and remember, you got it from a geek.

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