This is JchunGeek from and today i`m going to tell you guys about the iPad 2 Slim Standing Hard Case with Adjustable Stand Angles in Black.
So as you can see here, this is basically like a 2 in 1 item, its going to act as a protector for you iPad 2 and its also act as a stand. As you can see here, it opens like a book style, diary style and the back will be covered and you can just snap shut, there`s a latch here. You can close it and here`s what the back looks like and the reason the back looks like that. I actually like that because you can see the Apple logo in the back. Here`s a few different angles of it, it comes with this nice packaging and be aware guys that this is not going to work with your New iPad 3, the 3rd generation, it won`t fit, the New iPad is actually a slightly thicker, so this one is specially designed to fit for the iPad 2, so please make sure if you don’t know which one do you have, please double check before you make this purchase.
Okay, lets get in to this. It’s a hard case, it’s a hard plastic case so its going to protect your expensive iPad 2 from scratches or dents from dropping it on the floor. I don’t know if the iPad have a not enough luminent on the back, its pretty prone to scratch so you want it well protected if you want to keep your new expensive iPad 2 looking nice so this is going to definitely work for you. You still have access to all the volume buttons, all that stuff you can see here a cut outs for the volume and there`s also the cutouts for the headphone jack and all that stuffs, so none of the stuffs obstructed. The view isn’t obstructed so you can continue to use your iPad, without removing the case which is nice.
And here you can adjust your iPad to a different angle, so its perfect for students in class, just take their iPad 2 on the class and write their notes on it or whatever it may be. Perfect for businessman and women, maybe you go to a lot of seminar or a lot of meetings and you need something portable on you, this is perfect for you, its black in color, its neutral, its not too flashy or anything like that.
And must advised that this case will not going to work if you already have a silicone stand or another plastic case on it. This is just meant to fit your Apple iPad 2 just naked, i don’t know that sounds weird. Yeah, its got to be naked.
And if you can see here, there`s a different angle that you are ableto adjust it to, there`s about 4 or 5 angles. The description may say something more specific. But then again its lightweight, its durable, made of durable plastic so it`s definitely going to make the iPad 2 protected. And i would definitely recommend this one if you`re looking for a better protection over the regular snap on plastic cases. Just because probably you on the go a lot. Good product, definitely a good product.
And its, again lightweight, portable, compatibility for the iPad 2 again, instruction on how to remove the case we also have the video for that if you guys want to check that out, but you don’t need any tools to install this, its just pretty much snap and go. So it shouldn`t be too hard to remove the case either.
There`s going to be a little tab here in the corner, you should to be careful on that when you are removing the case, once those breaks off, the case will no longer stay on there, just be careful on that, but again, its made of durable plastic so it shouldn`t be, the tab shouldn’t break off easily or anything.
Definitely worth the money and definitely worth the protection for your Apple iPad 2, this item does not comes with the screen protectors. So you might want to purchase it separately. We do have just a regular clear screen protectors or if you are looking for privacy and mirrors we do have them as well. Even anti-fingerprint, anti-glare ones so go check it out guys, so if you guys interested in protecting your Apple iPad 2 and looking for a stand. Definitely the product for you. I would definitely suggest this, recommend this product for you.
So purchase it, let us know what you think, you can always leave us a review here. We`d love to know what you guys think.
Alright guys, thanks for tuning in guys and remember, you got it from a geek.

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