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Here is another product review on the iPad Mini charger situation.

Want to pick up an item you saw in the video? Check them out now!

iPad Mini USB Miniature Car Charger Adapter (1000 mAh) – Blue (universal)

iPad Mini USB Miniature Car Charger Adapter (1000 mAh) – White (universal)

iPad Mini USB Miniature Car Charger Adapter (1000 mAh) – Green (universal)

Original Apple USB Power Adapter, – White

Trident Universal Dual USB Car Charger – (3100 mAh)

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Greetings Geeks. DodgerGeek here with and today I’m here to squash some rumors. It seems that the word around the waterhole is that we don’t have any iPad Mini chargers. Well, that is true and it is not.

You see, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, iPad 4, and iPod Touch 5 come with one of them there amazing lightning connectors. It sure is amazing except that we can’t get them yet. Apple is holding fast to their new technology. So, we do not have any of the lightning connectors available.

However, if you are looking for an extra adapter, well, we’ve got plenty of those to choose from! Here you can see just a few of the choices ranging in size, color and function.

This Universal USB miniature car charger adapter is perfect for long drives, short drives, road trips, trips to the super market, maybe a cruise down the highway or a morning carpool. These iPad Mini charger adapters come in eight great colors and if you’re ready for some color for your Apple wardrobe, well, this is the way to go!

We’ve also got your traditional iPad Mini charger adapter. This little guy is great at home, in the office, or in your bag as a spare. If you have a Micro USB cable you want to plug in, it will also work with this adapter. All you need is a USB plug for this bad boy to work.

And last but certainly not least we’ve got our Trident Universal Dual USB Car charger. This is awesome because it has very high amperage, which means that it charges larger devices that some other charges might not be able to charge. Or, if you have a smartphone, and you plug it in, it will charge extra fast.

Now all of these iPad Mini charger adapters will require you to use the lightning connector that Apple provided you when you bought your lil’ iPad Mini device. When we get those much sought after lightning cables in, you will be the first to know but until then, you’re going to need your own cable.

If you have any questions about these items you’ve seen here or have any items for that matter, please let us know by giving us a jingle at 1.866.433.5793 Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm PST.

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