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Black Argyle Crystal Silicone iPad Mini Case

Apple iPad Mini Crystal Silicone Case – Black (Argyle Interior)

Clear Argyle Crystal Silicone iPad Mini Case

Blue Argyle Crystal Silicone iPad Mini Case

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Aloha Geeks. DodgerGeek here with and today I am going to take a quick look at the Apple iPad Mini Crystal Silicone case. This one happens to be a pink case with an argyle design but we do have this type of case available in different colors, which I will cover in a bit.

Now before I get any further, you will notice that I have this strange looking piece of artwork here. No, this is not a real iPad Mini. I wanted to get you Geeks a review of some of our silicone cases so that you could be prepared once you get your iPad Mini, so this is my solution. It’s a little ghetto but serves it’s purpose well.

So let’s get started on this review.

As you can see, it is a single piece case, which means you simply slip it on your iPad Mini. There is no hassle in putting it on or taking it off. This silicone case completely covers the backside and the sides of the iPad Mini. The case leaves the ports, buttons, screen and camera open so that the iPad Mini is fully functional within the case.

You may have noticed that this silicone case is not as flimsy as some of the others you have seen on the market, like this one. This is what we call a crystal silicone case. If a hard case and silicone case got together, a crystal silicone case would be the product of their fling. If you like the structure of the hard case but the feel of a silicone case, you will want to pick this baby up.

This crystal silicone case is transparent, as you can see here, but the design does slightly alter the look of your iPad Mini. This argyle crystal silicone case is available in black, clear, and blue. We also carry a solid color crystal silicone case in red and purple.

This case is great for any iPad Mini user. It does not limit the usage or have any super funky crazy designs. It can be used in a professional setting or a very laid back setting. Since this iPad Mini silicone case is not the heavy-duty type, it remains slim and does not add too much weight or thickness to your device.

If you have questions about this case please feel free to give us a shout out at 1.866.433.5793 or use the links below to find us online.

Thanks for watching and remember! You got it from A Geek!