Hey whats up everyone Its Jchun Geek coming at you from Accessorygeeks.com and today we got another part of review for you guys, today`s gonna be about LG Spectrum Screen Protector in clear.
And i`ll try to answer all the questions you guys potentially have for this product, so lets begin.
`kay, this is actually just a one pack so its gonna include only one screen protector and this is just the regular clear, crystal clear screen protector so you’ll be able to see directly to your screen. Its not gonna make your screen look black or dark or bright. Just mainly to protect your screen from scratched and abrasions. This will come with the cleaning cloth and the cleaning cloth is micro fiber and its there to remove all the dust from your screen. Because if you had any dust particle on your screen before you apply this screen protector there will be bubbles, that will cause a lot of bubbles so you wanna make sure to get all that dust off your screen. And the microfiber cloth is special made so it didn’t scratch your screen either.
So this screen protector will fit into the dimension of your LG Spectrum phone so you don’t need to make an extra cut or adjustments to the screen which is very convenient.
And lets see the descriptions here, again I mentioned that it’s a clear screen protector its pretty fit to the dimension of your phone, protect against scratches and abrasions. So this is important it wont leave any residues, so if you’re worried about it like a sticker, no its not like a sticker its…. Its kinda hard to explain but it does stick on there and when you remove it, there will be actually no residue and no stickiness that’s left behind which is really nice, because I do know that you don’t want anything like that to damaged your phone.
Okay, and if you guys having trouble on removing the bubbles or anything like that we do have a video available, hopefully this will give you guys a visual aid in applying and removing the bubbles of for your screen protectors so hopefully this will help you guys out.
This is just your regular screen protectors, we do have other types like mirror effect that’s gonna offer a different effect for your screen and basically if you only wanting to protect your screen from scratches this is gonna be the product for you.
If you guys have any other questions, please feels free to call you know the number its right up here on the top of our website.
Remember, you got it from a geek.

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