Hi whats up guys, thanks for tuning in to another exciting review by your girl Jchun Geeks from accessorygeeks.com, today im gonna go over the mini usb type vehicle charger, so as you can see this is just a basic mini usb vehicle charger, and again this is the mini usb type connector and its gonna be slightly different from the micro mini so, be sure to check on the compatibility type for you phone here.
Sometimes it’s outdated so you can call our customer service to make sur3e the compatible, but you can check that with your carrier as well, to get a better idea we have a video here, just to give you an idea for how the product works, how it looks on a different angles, so that should help you up, you can subscribe youtube channel for more videos like this, youtube channel you can search for AccessoryGeeks. Its just bring a regular coil so you can extended it out as you needed on your car, see a better closer view of the mini usb connector, mini usb again. And its looks very-very similar to the micro USB, so better check on that out before you purchase it.
So the GPS is actually take the mini USB too, so if its for the polder car charger that should work for the older ones. But mainly its gonna work for cell phones and under the descriptions it does have the overcharging protections, preventions so it don’t go overheat your phone or anything like that. Charges both standar and extended battery, short circuit protection, has a charging indication so basically once your phone is on a charging position there gonna be a little light here that gonna light up to indicate that its charging.
Its gonna looks a little slightly older phones models, motorola, blackberry, nokia, samsung they do have the mini usb. They`re trying to phase out though and they`re kinda switching it to micro sd USB it seems. But there are still a quite a few phone models out there with the mini usb connections, so yeah its really a low price, its gonna work as good as any OEM chargers, this can be in any anyone budgets, I mean they’re definitely affordable, so I would recommend this cause it works the same, it may not charge as fast as maybe in OEM Charger but its gonna charge your phone to the last, and its perfect to have as a backup charger on your car. So check it out guys and tell us what you think.
This is Jchun Geek from AccessoryGeeks.com and remember, you got it from a geek.

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