Hey guys, what`s up this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.Com and i`m bringing a product review today for the Motorola Droid Razrr, Razzr MAXX silicone case in Black, just want to let you know that we have them available in different colors and you should be able to see that right here on your right hand side, if you guys are interested in adding splash of colors.
So this particular case it will fit both with the Motorolla Droid RazRR and the Droid Razrr Maxx. The silicone case is actually quite flexible and they are made of the silicone stretchy material so even the Razz Maxx is slightly thicker in the back it will fit the phone pretty snug so if you`re wandering about that.
The silicone case does have the cut outs that you need to access your camera, flash, speakers, mic, the volume buttons all of that is pre-cut and this particular case doesn’t comes with a screen protectors but we do have them available in different styles so check those out, you definitely want the screen protected because once it`s scratched or shattered it may take hundreds of dollars to repair so definitely want to avoid that.
Other than that, again this is a silicone material so it provides that better grip if you`re looking for that and this is just a one piece case, its really easy to take on and off the case if you need to take it off or any reason or you want to switch up with another color, its really easy to do with this particular case.
If you see the description tab it shows :
- Protects from scratches and dusts
- Resist moisture due to the silicone material
- And you`ll have full functionality while the phone is in this case.
So it`s definitely will protects from drops, from hitting the ground and provide that type silicone rubber protection.
So i would definitely recommend this case if you drop your phone a lot, if you`re a clumsy person, protected with the silicone case, i would recommend it more than the plastic case if you drop your phone a lot because plastic case can tends to break. Whereas with the silicone case it wont happen , it wont break and maybe you probably would`nt have to purchase another one for a while unless it happens to make me terror something like that.
Other than that, really good price, great investment for you Droid RazRR or Raxr MAXX phone. And remember, you got it from a geek.

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