Hey guys, What`s up this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and today i am going to tell you about the operator style Headset.
So this product is great for people that works at their desk, us Geeks here use them at our desks and when we talk to you guys when you call in for questions or orders at us. This is the item that we are going to be using. Its really easy for us because its over the head style and has the extending mic that comes just straight out right by your mouth so it is easy and clear for you guys to hear us.
And it`s actually swivels, to the side as well so if you so if you want the mic on the right side or the lefr side it worked both ways which is pretty neat. Its also folds upward. So if you don’t use the mic you can just removing it away from your face. This particular item has a 2.5 mm plug which is basically the same type of plug that you will find at the office phones, the one with the multiple lines so make sure it has a 2.5mm plug. We do have a operator style headset available in the 3.5mm handphone jack. If that’s the kind of earphone takes. We do also have that available. But our phone is compatible with this particular headset so this is wat we ise.
I mean this is nor the best, top quality, type of product, but it is standard, its very basic and it gets the jobs done. It allow us to talk to our customers and be efficient. So if anyone just need it to while you`re at your desk, this will be a good product for you, very worthwhile.
We also have a video right here, subscribe to youtube channel AccessoryGeeks. And it going to basically going to give you a visual aid on how it woks and what i mean by how the mike swivels back and forth and things like that. So check that out hope it will answer your questions if i missed any on this video. It has pretty long cord so you`re able to away from your desk or its easy just to remove over your head.
Give us a call, let us know you probably want to hear us really clearly, and i would love to see what you guys think. Alright guys hope you like my video, thanks for tuning in guys and remember you got it from a geek.

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