Whats up guys this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com. and today i am going to do a product review on original Apple iPhone 3Gs 3G Stereo Headset 3.5mm jack Answer/End Button With Mic in White.
This is basically going to be the same exact type that you`re going to receive with all the Apple products that you have so it should come with the iPhone, iPod touches, iPod Nanos and any other Apple products that you purchase on Apple Store. This should be the headset that it comes with.
As you can see here, yhou could see in the picture here, there`s the little mic in the middle and with the answer/end buttons, and then the right side you can see the jack, you can see its 2.5, it has the 3 rings on the jack. That’s that. And of course this is a Stereo Headset so it has both earbuds so you can hear your music or watch videos, net flicks or whatever you prefer, so the sound will come out on both earbuds but you can also use to answer calls which is convenient and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a Bluetooth headset and don’t mind a wired type of headset like this one, so it will work for you in the car on your way home driving home. You just remember to take on 1 earbud, which wouldn’t have too much hassle.
Then again this will be the same exact that apple would provide you. And it doesn’t just work for the iPhone 3Gs/3G it will also works for your iPhone 4/4S and any of your other type of apple devices, iPad as well.
Although you may not be able to use the answer/end button if you are using iPod touch but you can still listen to music and it will definitely work for that. It will work for skip songs for the iPod touch though.
Again, answer/End controls will only work if the device has the capability so basically just the phone, iPhones. And the microphone is on the wire. Its on a little dot there, the mic. In case you guys are wandering.
So we definitely had a cheaper than what apple prices it for, it is the exact items so check it out guys, its going to work awesome for you, i do have one myself and i love it. Let me know what you think, thanks for tuning in. And remember, you got it from a geek.

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