Its Jchun Geek from AccessoryGeeks doing a product review on Original Blackberry Micro USB Vehicle Charger and this long alphanumeric here is the item code, so the item number will always be located under the picture if you guys ever want to call in for you to place your order .
Anyways this is an original Blackberry product, its made by blackberry, we don’t sell fake stuffs so dont worry about that, definitely OEM which is stands for Original Equipment Manufactures, basically just means that is made by blackberry, its authentic type item, its not used items, its brand new. Just in case you`re wondering that. And again this is going to be for a micro usb connector. And lot of people might got confused, oh I have the motorola phone, it does also have a micro usb connector but will this blackberry charger work for my phone, and that answer is yes it will so work. I actually have this product, you guys might have seen my other videos but I have got a lot of products when working here and this one worked perfectly. I`ve changed my phone multiple times i`ve had blackberry so I purchase this charger and then I changed my phone to android, motorola android then a Samsung and I kept this charger I haven’t had the need to buy another one because its worked for all my phone that have the micro usb connecter so its definitely top notch quality, its made by blackberry, made of durable material so it wont break or anything like that, it have the overcharging while overheating or anything like that. And it charges my phone pretty fast. If you see here we have a close up on the little technical specs here, if you were ever want to bring there. So its basically just plug it into your cigarette port on your car and then this little green light will light up, indicating the phone is charged, so you know that its working. And if you guys wants a visual aid we do have a video for that from Camera Geek as well so check that out. Subscribe to our web, youtube channel.
Under the description you can see a few more feature, its light weight, portable if you guys need an extra charger maybe you guys have multiple cars that you need a charger for each car, you can purchase one of this, it has the spiral cord so you can stretch it out if you’re sitting away from your charger port because some of cars were made that way its kinda far away from you, you wanna keep your phone close, it will help with that. Its kinda extends very long so its pretty universe so you can use it in almost any cars. I can imagine…
Again its durable, its not gonna break easily, again I have it myself and it works great. If you guys even want to look up at the OEM part number on Google, you can type his in and this same item should come upon on blackberry this is the same product that we just sell for a cheaper bargain, you might not find it for a better price than we offer for.
So check it out guys, compatibility its gonna work on all blackberry even if you see Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sanyo and its gonna work for basically like I said any phone`s with a micro USB connectors.
Here we gives some positive reviews for this product as well, so you guys can see other customer said about this product.
There again this is more how do I say upgraded version of the micro USB Chargers, we do have a wide variety wide selection of them, we have ones starting at 3.99, but again id you want quality product I recommend this product for you.
Yeah, purchase it and let us know what you guys think, leave us a review. We love to see what you guys think, thanks for tuning in guys.
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