Hey whats up guys this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and today im going to be telling you guys about the original Blackberry Universal Leather Pouch with belt clip in black.
So this is original pre-manufactured by B lackberry as you can see on you can tell from our pictures, there`s the blackberry logo on the belt clip and also it has a blackberry logo at the bottom, it might be hard to see there but its easy to see here. And also a blackberry logo at the front.
Now this belt clip is swivel,now this belt clip does swivel 180 degrees and it locks in 6 different locations so you can work it as a holster or a pouch for you if you prefer to be horizontal or you can keep it vertical. And it ha a magnetic closure so its not Velcro or anything like that, so it has an easier access to it since it is magnetic but it will also be strong enough to hold your phone in place and it wont slip out when you bend over to tie your shoe or something so its definitely good for that.
Now if you`re wandering what kind of phone that’s compatible with again it is a universal type. And most of the blackberry phones now are at the same size. So if you go wander the compatibility tab its going to show you exactly what phone models this pouch is going to be compatible for. So its going to be compatible with Blackberry Bold 9000 and such the similar size such as Blackberry Bold 9900, 9780, 9700, 9650, all blackberry curve,8530 even the 8300 series, the touch screen Blackberry storm, storm II and more, the torch 9630 and more. So this is basic idea what size the phone will fit.
And we have one great review here says that it fit snugly for her Bold 9700 so it would work great for that phone. Again this is a genuine blackberry leather pouch, high quality, it’s the same product that blackberry sells on their website or anywhere else and here is the exact manufacture part number if you guys ever want to google or look it up but i guaranteed that its 100% Blackberry Original Product.
And on the inside it does has a soft fabric lining that keeps your phone safe and clean,its not going to damage or scratches your phone. And you know blackberry has made many top quality, high quality product. We do sell cheaper than they do i believe and again it is the same product so your going to definitely get your money worth here. And again if you have multiple blackberry and you want to switch over to a different phone. It should have the same size so you don’t have to purchase another pouch or anything so that’s convenient in that sense.
And just because you don’t have a blackberry it doesn’t mean it didn’t fit either, if this is a type of pouch you`re looking for with a magnetic closure and a swivel belt clip. It`ll work for your phone model as well as long it around that size.
Alright guys i hope my video was helpful, this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and remember you got it from a geek.

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