Hey whats up guys, Jchun Geek from AccessoryGeeks.com, today we are gonna be doing a part review over Original iClooly Universal Aluminum Pen Stylus and Pen Black in Black. We do have available in other colors if you are interested, we have purple and silver as you can see on the side here.
And this pen is gonna work on all touchscreen phones and tablets, its gonna work on your iPad, and this is neat `coz it’s the size of a regular pen so you can carry it whenever you want to go, at your office or at school, also have the little clip here so you can clip it to your pocket and keep it handy wherever you go.
The game to draw something is really popular right now so this will be perfect for that, you can get really detail on your drawing, its has a really thin tip and it also has an extra silicone tip for you if you ever need that, which is really cool.
So if you wanna search this item you just type iClooly and look for the iClooly in the listin picture here and it should called up for you.
So you can see compatibility tab that shows its compatible for all capacity and displays. It’s a fancy word we`ve saying touchscreen the idle back they made touchscreen you just be able to use your fingernail or pen or stylus or something like that. But nowadays the made it with that you need heat transfer from your fingertips? For in order for this screen to works nice so that’s basically what it means its gonna work for those type of touchscreen phones.
Never had any problems or complains about this particular product, its definitely worth for your money, its gonna last longer, its hardly breaks, made of durable material. I’m thinking getting one myself for draw something, just to draw something actually. Other than that, this is maybe one of the most popular stylus we have. We do have other stylus available, smaller ones for more portable type you can just clip on to your cellphone and cheaper in price.
But again this ones made of more durable material so I feel it would last longer and be a better investment
So you can see here, it works for the iPad, again this is the zoom picture so you can see a closer look at the product, ut comes with the original packaging, which is nice, we only sell real OEM product.
It looks really cool. I recommend this to all my friend, this is the first stylus I ever recommend, if customers ever call looking for stylus. Anyone who doesn’t like you know the fingerprints on their screen this would also perfect for them, for businessman and women, it would be perfect as well for them, if you have a PDA, touchscreen PDA and things like that. I`ll definitely recommend this and its universal it will work for anyone, any age, any gender with the purple, green, black, white, brown.
So, yeah, purchase it and see how it works for you when you draw something, im sure your detail drawings will hope to gets them quicker.
Remember, you got it from a geek.

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