Hey whats up guys its JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and today im going to do a product review on Original Jabra BT2080 Bluetooth Headset in black.
So if anyone looking for a good price within your budget i would recommend this item to you. And it has all the features that will the more expensive ones have that are maybe in 80-90$ range and if you guys are wandering if this is refurbish or used, this is definitely brand new not refurbish, its brand new item and as you can see here it comes in this nice packaging so that you know its real, not fake or something like that. A lot of people kind of questioned that but we do only sell brand new items.
If you can see here in the picture it comes with the ear gels, its clear, might be hard to tell here. But it comes with them so it fits your ear better so you can hear more clear and also it has the ear hook to help it stand in place.
If you want to find out more technical you can click under description tab. And Jabra is a well known brand for its Bluetooth headset, they do make quite a few different models but this one`s like mid range with a good quality. For just someone who want to use it in their car on their way home to avoid that ticket for talking on your phone, maybe you want to avoid getting another ticket if you already got one cell. Its definitely a good product. So again it provides all the basic function that you need. It has the comfortable ear gel and the ear hook. It has the 2.1 pairing so make sure that your phone is 2.1 version Bluetooth so it can pair properly.
A newer cellphone should have 2.1 so just double check on that to make sure otherwise it wont pair properly. So this is going to last for 6 hours talk time and 8 days standby time, stand by time is basically means its charged but you`re not really using it. Its just on standby, it`ll last for 8 days so you can just leave it in your car for about 8 days and took charge it once in a week at your convenient. Extremely light weight again all bluetooths are designed that way because you don’t want anything heavy hanging off your ear. And it does has the status display showing the connection and battery status. It has the on and off button as you can see in this picture. Its that little on and off button there. Again it picks up your voice and deliver clear quality audio to the EDR and ESCO technology. This leave fancy way of saying that there`s a built in thing in the Bluetooth it kinds of isolate the noise and helps the other person on the line hear you better.
Again everyday use just for you car or office maybe will definitely work for you. I would recommend you this because its only 34.99$, it’s a low price now and again its Jabra.
You can google for other product review that i left but we don’t have any reviews yet so if you guys thinking of purchasing this. I would recommend this so what do you think, leave us a review.
Yeah, that’s all i have to say about this one. Thanks guys for tuning in and remember, you got it from a geek.

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