Whats up guys this is JchunGeek from Ac cessoryGeeks.com and today i`m going to tell you guys about the Original Samsung WEP460 Clear Sound Bluetooth Headset.
Now this is a really good quality headset. It made directly by Samsung and it’s an OEM product that’s basically its made by the manufacture, its not a fake and we only sell brand new things, so its not refurbished either, so this is one of the best Bluetooth headset we do have available especially at this price, i haven’t seen any better deals out there and this is going to be your basic Bluetooth headset that going to work for you while you are in a car or at your office, anywhere its going to work but no in a so much loud environment but its as good as its going to get for a Bluetooth and if you don’t want to spend 82-100$ on a Bluetooth this is basically just going to work just the same, so it does comes with the ear hook, so it says secure on your ear, doesn’t fall off. It clearly picks up your voice it has that omni directional microphone that’s built in there. And multi-functional buttons, basically there`s a button there and you can click it for answer/end phone calls. There`s an integrated volume button to click up and down if you cant hear as well if its too loud for you, you can adjust that directly through your Bluetooth. Even allows the call to rejecting or call waiting last number we dialed and voice dialing depending if your phone has those functions it has the potential to do that for you. It has a color LED indicates it has connection on the headset so its going to light up to ensure that to let you know you`re connected to your phone. And i mean look at it, its really small, its compact, its portable so you can take it anywhere you want to go. Or you can leave it in your car, in case you want to use it during your drive. And It offers you wireless connection up to 30ft from your phone and it comes with everything you need. It comes with a Bluetooth headset, a travel charger and a quick start guide to help you guys connect and start to use your Bluetooth.
Again the dimension are shown here as you can see it is pretty small, or if you don’t want a big thing for your ear than probably this is the item you`re looking for. And this is one of our top sellers just because of the price and its made by Samsung. Samsung always known for having high quality products. So i definitely rec commend this and its fit for everyones budget, especially for businessman and women who tend to use Bluetooth a lot, might want to purchase this.
We also have a video here, youtube video so check that out. Here is a bigger clear pictures of the item, of the Bluetooth. And compatibility if you`re wandering if its going to be compatible with your phone, you have to make sure that your phone either one of these 1.1, 1.2 and 2.1 bluetooth enabled devices.
You should be able to see that on your manual on your phone or contact your carrier, they should know if your phone is compatible but normally, most of the newer phone models should be Bluetooth enabled 2.1 i believe. So check on that before you purchase this either if it fits none of these, none of the above its not going to connect to your phone. So be sure to make sure of that before you make the purchase. But other than that, great price, great investment, definitely going to be worthed and its much cheaper than, i don’t know…. A 200$ ticket for talking on your phone.
So, consider this guys, leave us a review and thanks for tuning in. its JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and remember, you got it from a geek.

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