Hey whats up guys this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com bringing you another product review on original ScreenGuardz universal crystal clear screen protectors 15 pack in clear.

So this particular item does come with 14 screen protectors, they are going to be compatible as screens that are smaller that 80mm by 60mm so be sure to measure your screen before purchase this item to make sure that is going to fit your screen size. So screen guardz is a well known brand if you ever heard of it, maybe some of you have it and some of you haven`t, but they were the higher quality of screen protectors, this one actually are thinner they are lik feather, like thin, so it doesn’t obstructed your screen or anything like that, it doesn`t make it dim or anything like that, its crystal clear high definition clarity, it actually increasing the visuality of your screen and there`s 15 of them in case you`re new to applying a screen protector, you may need to try it again or the case you applied gets old or it may sometimes to have scratches on it. This comes with 15 of them so you may not need to purchase your screen protector for a long time if you purchase this particular item.
So its definitely going to protect your screen from scratches and if you carry your digital cameraon your purse along with your keys there is a potential that to make it scratch, if you want to avoid that than purchase this product. Its going to work with any screen again that’s smaller than 80mm by 60mm.
You definitely wants to have your expensive gadgets protected especially the screens because you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars just to get that repaired. Again this is in clear so you can see right to your screen. And if you guys have any question about how to install or apply this screen protectors we do have videos on youtube so subscribe AccessoryGeeksyoutube channel and it would have more helpfull videos such as this one, its going to help you to apply and remove all those bubbles if you`re having issues on having too much bubbles on the screen.
Also if you guys wandering if its going to leave residues, actually its going to be clear there`s no residue left behind if you remove the screen protector and yeah, I think it’s a really good purchase to keep your screen protected and again its kind of like a one time, you just purchase this 15 pack and you may use it for multiple devices you will have to cut it to fit the dimension of your screen and unfortunately its not pre cut. But that also the beauty of it. You can make it fit whatever devices and whatever screens you want it to fit.
Check it out guys, and let me know what you think, you can always to leave a product review or you can send us a feedback on our youtube channel.
Alright thanks fo tuning in guys, this is JchunGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and remember you got it from a geek.

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